What are the Most Bustling Areas of Virginia?

What are the Most Bustling Areas of Virginia?

Virginia is a massive state with tons of large cities: yet somehow, these are overlooked. If you’re eager to live in a bustling area where you can climb the corporate ladder and make a career for yourself, you’re not alone!

These are the best areas in Virginia for anyone who wants a fresh start and what they can offer you. Just make sure you’re ready to climb that corporate ladder and have some fun while you’re at it.

Falls Church

Although a city of just 15,000 people might not sound ‘bustling’ to most people: Falls Church is a busy space that’s included within the Washington Metropolitan Area! Countless shops, businesses, and more can be found here, with a more artsy vibe despite the fact that this area has been heavily populated ever since European settlers got here in the 1600s!


If you’re ready to move as close to Washington DC as possible without having to leave Virginia, it’s time to head to Arlington! This amazing city is full of the history, art, creativity, and wealth of the DC area- but it doesn’t charge as much to live here.

Arlington real estate is still the most expensive property on this list, but it’s far more affordable than the nation’s capital. The best part is, while you live here, you get the chance to be near countless landmarks and spaces of interest to any history buff!

Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is a great place to live if you want to always feel like you’re on a beach vacation. Although the local businesses lean into it, and it can feel like a tourist trap: it’s fun. There’s a lot of excitement and thrill in living in a tourist town, especially when tourism season ends and it’s just the locals keeping themselves entertained.

Virginia Beach is a dream come true for any beach lover and a fantastic place to live if you’re eager to have some fun.


This independent city has almost 300,000 people and is the second most populated city in the state. With mild weather, fantastic open water views, and beautiful wildlife reserves, this is the best place to go if you want to find a balance between work and life.

Not far from Virginia Beach, this area is busy despite having so much greenery. There are tons of industries here to let you climb the corporate ladder and countless options for anyone who wants to start fresh. Although Chesapeake is smaller: it’s still worth it.

Why Virginia?

If you’re not sold on Virginia, its main allure is how many people overlook it. This is a vast and incredible state that’s so much more than its connection to Washington, DC. From the incredible nature, awesome industries, and wonderful southern comfort, living here lets you feel like you’re living in a busy city without having to give up all of the things that make life worthwhile.

Busy Cities Are Incredible Places to Live

If you’re eager for a change and want to live somewhere more fast-paced, it’s time to check out Virginia! Any of these cities could be a dream come true for you!


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