Can You Wear a Tampon in a Hot Tub?

Can You Wear a Tampon in a Hot Tub?

Most women have heard at some point in their lives that they should avoid water when they are on their periods. Whether it’s a swimming pool, a hot tub, or just the bathtub at home, some women have sat out or stayed home during their monthly menstruation. It’s high time to clear up some myths about women’s bodies and bodies of water. If you have been scared to use a tampon in the hot tub, you can put your mind at ease, so go ahead and use your best organic tampons if you want, because the hot tub and pool are open to everyone.

The Down Low, Down There

You spend about a quarter of your life on your period, and you shouldn’t have to spend it skipping some of your favorite activities. The truth is that there is no biological reason you can’t swim or soak in a hot tub or the bath whenever you want to. In fact, you may be less likely to bleed when submerged in water, thanks to the water pressure itself. Of course, when you do step out of the pool or hot tub, you may feel as if your flow has increased, but it’s more the effect of gravity than anything else.

Pads or Tampons

Not all women are comfortable using tampons, which may be another reason they forego the hot tub. Using a pad under water leaves you more prone to leaks because even the best organic cotton pads are going to soak up any liquid. Your pad may end up feeling bulky or visible, which can be uncomfortable, especially in public. Just know that a water-logged pad should be replaced when you get out of the water.

If you have been worried about an increased risk of infection when using feminine hygiene products, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Tampons are perfectly safe to use in pools and hot tubs. They may absorb a bit of water, but you can easily change it after you’ve had a swim or soak. You may want to use a tampon with a higher absorbency level than you would normally use to compensate for the extra liquid. You can also try out different brands and strengths or find the product with the best type of tampon applicator, especially if you have difficulty changing a tampon after you swim, to see what works best for you.

Surprise Benefit

Do you ever use a heating pad to ease your cramps? A hot tub may have the same effect because the heated water can relax your muscles. You may get some relief from the pain of menstrual cramps when you soak in a warm bath or hot tub, so there’s another good reason why you can use tampons without concern in the water.

The next time you have your monthly menses, go ahead and jump in! As long as you continue to follow safe practices, such as changing your pad or tampon regularly and washing your hands, you can enjoy the hot tub or pool any time you want. Let’s put that myth to rest once and for all, because there is nothing you can’t do when you have your period.


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