Top 3 Mods for Suzuki DR200

Top 3 Mods for Suzuki DR200

For many riders, the Suzuki DR200 is their introduction to motorcycles. As a solid entry-level model, it’s a versatile bike for beginners learning to ride on or off the road. You may want to upgrade your DR200 to pass down to another new rider or maybe take out on the road or trails yourself. Either way, you could use some smart recommendations for the best aftermarket parts for motorcycles. There are a few options from which to choose, but there are three key mods that will quickly help improve your bike and help you achieve your performance goals.

Exhaust: The FMF Q4 Slip-On Muffler

While it’s pretty easy to track down the best Suzuki DR200 OEM parts, the aftermarket parts selection for the DR200 is a bit limited. Fortunately,  you can still find plenty of high-quality items. One of these is the FMF Q4 Slip-On Muffler, designed for both improved sound and power. You’re probably not surprised to find an exhaust mod on the list, but the Q4 stands out for an off-road inspired design. This slip-on features internal baffle chambers and a construction of aircraft-grade aluminum and high strength stainless steel. The result is accelerated exhaust flow with a max sound output of 96 decibels: a perfect combination of enhanced power with quiet operation.

Tires: The Shinko 705

Tires can contribute a lot to how your bike rides and handles. The Shinko 205 is easy to find on the market, and it’s a very popular model among DR200 riders. The 705 is a DOT-approved dual-sport model featuring an aggressive tread pattern for exceptional traction in both wet and dry conditions. Its all-around rubber compound is made for 70% street and 30% trail riding and resists tearing while off the road. Available in H, P, Q and V speed ratings, the Shinko 705 motorcycle tire is also mud and snow rated. Not only that, its affordable price makes it a top pick for equipping a DR200.

Oil Filters: Hiflofiltro Premium Filters

If your DR200 has been sitting in your garage for a while or you’ve just purchased the bike from a private seller, you should probably consider swapping out the oil filter. You may think this suggestion is a no-brainer, but it’s worth mentioning since a fresh filter will eliminate any chance of trapped metal shavings or other debris getting sucked into your engine. Hiflofiltro’s models are incredibly versatile, compatible with both mineral and synthetic oils. This filter also features tri-fiber filtration that can capture particles as small as 5 microns while optimizing oil flow to the engine. You’ll likely notice an immediate performance improvement, making it one of the most logical and easiest upgrades to perform on your DR200.

Choose Your Parts Supplier Wisely

You’ve seen three important mods that can quickly enhance how your Suzuki DR200 rides. When you’re shopping for these aftermarket mods along with the best Suzuki OEM parts, don’t forget to choose a trustworthy supplier. Select a powersports parts retailer with an extensive inventory, an easy-to-use online shopping interface and a dedicated customer service team.


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