Fun Weight Loss Games

Fun Weight Loss Games

Nowadays, adults as well as children participate very rarely in outdoor games. The major cause is the advancement in technology and smart gadgets which have become the sole source of entertainment for today’s youth. As a result, the rate of obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and other associated disorders is increasing enormously worldwide.

However, several doctors, public health professionals and lifestyle experts are taking keen interest in spreading the awareness regarding healthy habits, diet, and exercise.  Despite the increasing awareness, many people procrastinate due to the lower motivation, stamina and no willingness to do extra efforts to travel to the gym and bare all the pain due to sore muscle soreness.

Nonetheless, exercise routines can actually be turned into a big party involving very enjoyable games. Here are the few examples of fun weight-loss games and exercises.

1. Seven Stones

It is a traditional South Asian game which was very popular around 30 years ago. Not only has it required lots of running but squats and mental attentiveness as well. To play this game, no expensive items are required. You would need a soft ball probably made up of rubber, and seven pieces of stones or marbles that can be stacked upon each other to form a sort of a tower. Also, the more the number of players, the more this game becomes enjoyable.

2. Bowling

Every now and then, we read on the internet that how beneficial the strength training and resistance training is.  It helps to retain muscles while getting rid of body fat. Bowling basically requires you to use 10 to 14 pounds heavy ball to play the game. Then you are required to form a lunge position to hit the stack of bowling pins with great force. You can burn up to 150 calories by playing this game for half an hour.

3. Bouncing

This is my personal favorite and has become quite popular in recent years. There are many indoor trampoline parks and places for all ages which offer you the opportunity to bounce on massive courts. You can enjoy a fun activity and get fit at the same time. There are several places which offer trampoline fitness classes offering a structured exercise regime as well.

4. Belly-Dancing

This form of energetic dancing burns approximately 400 calories per hour and is mostly enjoyed by women. When done under the supervision of professional choreographers, they can teach you swaying moves instructing you proper warm up sessions and aerobic dance segments. It is a very good cardiovascular exercise which particularly targets abs and the belly fat. Incorporating the belly dancing moves in your regular workout sessions can make the exercise fun. However, the results completely depend on the length of your workout and your own exertion level.

5.  Bokwa

The latest Bokwa workout routine is inspired by South-African bokwa dance in which one is able to burn calories by drawing letters and numbers with their feet. Also, it involves a lot of hip-hop and very basic steps. Interestingly, there is no choreography required for this form and one can lose up to 1000 calories without bothering about any technicalities.

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