Boyne City’s Lake Charlevoix Water Adventures

Boyne City’s Lake Charlevoix Water Adventures

We all love having a splash in the waters and having great fun. So many water activities that we could choose from. But where could be the best place to do them all? Well, Boyne City’s summertime activities are all about fun in the water! Enjoy the lake because Boyne City is situated on Lake Charlevoix! Lake Charlevoix is great for swimming, sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and other activities. But before anything else, ensure you have a place to stay by checking out Boyne City vacation rentals to ensure that you will have a smooth trip. Now, let us dive into the other water recreational activities you could do in Boyne City!


On a hot summer day, swimming backstrokes in the hotel pool differ from gliding through the clear water. In Northern Michigan, swimming in one of the many lakes during the summer is a must-do activity.

There are two city beaches on Lake Michigan and two on Lake Charlevoix, totaling four in Charlevoix. Swimmers frequently enter Lake Charlevoix at Depot Beach in late May since Lake Michigan’s water is warmer. Ferry Beach, also on Lake Charlevoix, is a well-liked family beach because of its gently sloping sand swimming area. Because Ferry Beach has lifeguards, swimmers adore it. Lake laps are frequently done at Michigan Beach on Lake Michigan in the early morning or late at night. In the summer, lifeguards are on duty during the day. There is also a large sandy swimming area at Mount McSauba on Lake Michigan.

The more extended swimming season may result from the warmer waters of Lake Charlevoix. Boyne City hosts a swimming camp because swimming there is so unique. Each summer, the non-profit organization that runs the camps teaches hundreds of kids how to swim. Swimming is not possible year-round in Northern Michigan due to the water being too cold for much of the year. Visit the Harbor Springs Community Pool at Harbor Springs High School or the Charlevoix Community Pool if the weather isn’t suitable for a swim in the lake.


Have you never ridden in a kayak? You are passing on a beautiful opportunity. There are so many unique environments for kayaking in northern Michigan. In a river, you can kayak while the current carries you through a forest. Numerous inland lakes can offer anything from tranquil to wild and rolling, depending on the day. Lake Michigan kayaking is another option. What a treat it is to cross the sea silently.

Kayaking is rapidly growing in popularity, and for a good reason. It is economical and is not difficult to learn. Kayaks with various designs and uses contribute to the fun of kayaking. More and more kayaks may be seen riding on top of vehicles as people travel to the waterfront each summer in Northern Michigan.

The locals have embraced this sport in Northern Michigan. For instance, Josephine Ford Park in Harbor Springs features a kayak launch dock. Families can try the sport by renting kayaks, which is an option. For exploring the beaches, a two-person kayak is ideal. Take a kayak out on the water with a picnic in tow!


Sunny days beneath the mast, sails blowing above, and the only sound on your yacht is the ocean splashing against the hull. A sailor’s heaven in the summer is Lake Charlevoix. The lake is home to a sizable and diverse sailing community because of its deep water and fascinating harbors.

Sailing charters there provide a morning, an afternoon, and a sunset cruise each day. They enjoy being on the sea, so they invite as many people as possible to enjoy sailing’s breathtaking sights and exhilarating thrills. Early June is usually when the sailing season starts and lasts through Labor Day. Typically, all three tours stop at both Lake Michigan and Lake Charlevoix. You are welcome to bring any food or different beverages on board. However, they provide free pop and a fantastic time.


Lake paddle boarding is among the most fantastic things you can do on a lake. The ideal environment for paddle boarding is a lake with flat, calm water and Lake Charlevoix is a perfect spot. Lake paddle boarding is a fantastic pastime for anyone, whether trying to work out on your stand-up paddleboarding or just utilizing it to get outside. Unlike the stormy and unforgiving waves of the ocean, a lake offers flat water that makes paddle boarding enjoyable for everyone.


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