Cute Lockers

Cute Lockers

Kids in middle school have a special fascination for colorful and decorated objects and one of the main things they get to deal with day in and day out at school is their lockers. It’s literally like their second home, so how about give your kid something fun to do and bedazzle their lockers with simple DIY’s that’ll make them the talk of the school! Here are a few tricks that you could use to transform your child’s boring old locker into a fun and creative work of art!

Mini Locker Pom Poms!

Here’s something that’s definitely going to bring the color into a dull old locker. Mini pom poms are not even that difficult to make. All you need is some colorful craft paper or tissue papers, a string, some tapes and you’ll be good to go! Oh and if you’re feeling extra creative, you can add tiny fairy lights to really make it lighten up the place!

Erase Board Reminders

Well if you have an erase board laying around, you can put it to good use. But of course, even erase boards are dull so instead you can brighten it up with wrapping paper or some paints and stick it onto the locker. It can be used however they like: with a nametag, some pictures or for a more practical purpose like putting on reminders for an important task they have to do!

Pen Holders

This is both practical as well as an adorable way to save your kid’s stationeries from getting lost. All you need are mint tins, some magnets, glue and a spray paint. Glue the magnets on the tins and spray paint them to your liking and then stick them on the locker. It saves space as well as keeping everything safe! These holders can keep pens, erasers and even small objects which your child often tends to lose.

Glittered Clothespins

Turn those clothespins to a less boring use and glue on some glitter! If your child isn’t a glitter fan, then you can simply glue on pieces of different wallpapers to make it look fancy. These clothespins could be used to hang up pictures and cards or whatever else your child chooses without using up too much space in the locker! Now they can personalize the locker all the while keeping up the space for books and bags.

Wall Papers

Last but not the least, something that every middle schooler should have on their locker – a wallpaper. This brings color to your child’s locker and makes it look awesome! Putting it outside makes it too much so it’s best if they line the inside walls with different styled wallpapers which your children will absolutely love!

You can turn dull objects into exciting new creations every day, and your kids will love that you help them figure out new ways to brighten up their lockers. These are excellent things that both you and your child will enjoy making and they’re bound to make all the other kids at school jealous!

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