3 Tips For Updating Your Business Location After A Rebrand

3 Tips For Updating Your Business Location After A Rebrand

If you knew it was time for your business to rebrand and you’ve been spending months and months along with hundreds of thousands of dollars to create a new look for your business, don’t let this stop at a new website and logo. If you really want customers and your staff to come along with you on your rebrand, you need to change the physical space of your business location as well.

To help you in figuring out how to best do this, here are three tips for updating your business location after a rebrand.

Go For A More Modern Look

One thing that you might want to do as you’re thinking about how to take your business location into the future with your new brand look is to go for something more modern here as well.

To help you do this, consider working with an interior designer to come up with a more modern design for your space. This can be especially important if you have a storefront or if you have people who work in your office on a regular basis. By creating a space that’s more modern and that matches well with the new look from your rebrand, you’ll have a more seamless brand experience on all fronts and will feel like a fresh, new business ready to take on new challenges.

Make Changes That Improve Engagement

As you think about how the design and layout of your space should change, one thing that you should try to get as a result of these changes is more engagement.

For businesses that have customers or clients come into their space, engagement can happen through having a welcoming atmosphere and easy ways to interact with the staff there. If your business just has staff that work with customers or clients remotely, you can make their workspace engaging for them so that they’re happier and more productive during working hours.

Ask For Input From Your Staff And Customers

Sometimes, you as the boss may not really know what your staff or customers want from your business space. You might not be privy to how a raised access floor could benefit your tech team or how more accessibility could impact your customers. But when you ask for their input into things like the redesign of your space after a rebrand, you can take their ideas into account and give them a space that everyone will be happy with.

Along with making a space that will best serve the people you’re working with and working for, showing people that you listen to them and make changes based on their input can help you build more trust between you and your staff or customers, which is likely something you’ve been wanting as part of your rebrand, too.

If you need to update your business location now that you’ve rebranded everything else, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you do so successfully.

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