5 highlights of a stunning holiday at a luxury wellness retreat in Phuket

5 highlights of a stunning holiday at a luxury wellness retreat in Phuket

It is always a slightly sad feeling when you board the plane heading home after a fantastic holiday, and this was the best, and one that you will never forget. As you start to descend towards Heathrow and the cold weather, you reflect upon an amazing couple of weeks.

It proved to be an inspired choice taking your beautiful girlfriend to Thailand. You love her dearly and wanted to pick the right location to propose marriage with possibly the best wellness retreats Phuket can provide being perfect for the big moment. What a time you have had, and you have picked out 5 highlights to tell your friends about and recommend that they head off to the same destination.

  1. You wanted somewhere that was romantic and private to watch the sun go down over the beautiful turquoise Andaman Sea. The resort had high walls and tall trees, along with a large open balcony outside your spacious suite that contained a wonderfully comfortable bed and lots of space for clothes and to relax in. It contained all the facilities you required and then when you woke each morning you were met with the most amazing views.
  2. You both have stressful and tiring jobs, so relaxation and recharging ranked high on your lists rather than gallivanting around. There were lots of programmes and activities to choose from, some you enjoyed together like yoga and Tai Chi, both of which you vow to continue back home to keep your bodies and minds in tip top condition. The stress and burnout recovery will prove to be hugely beneficial, with all activities being led by a professional and friendly team. All had begun perfectly when remembering the essentials to pack in your travel bags.
  3. The physiotherapy was superb, as was your girl’s spa treatment from which she had a huge range to select from. You went on a weight management programme, as you want to look trim for your forthcoming big day.
  4. The food in the restaurants was beautiful, being nutritious and healthy. You both went to a Thai cooking class and you cannot wait to wow your friends back home with your new skills. The bars and lounges provided the height of luxury while you also took advantage of ordering food and drinks to your room a couple of times to take full advantage of your stay, especially after the amazing moment when your amazing woman said yes. Visiting a famous Phuket landmark was another highlight, organised for you by the resort.
  5. While you thoroughly enjoyed lots of time to yourselves, it was also nice to mix with other lovely guests, which included some families, as the retreat suited all guests who wanted to enjoy a combination of wellness and kicking back. You certainly managed that when making full use of the steam and infrared sauna.

Your stay in Phuket at your chosen wellness retreat saw a momentous life changing moment, as you lived in luxurious romantic surroundings and enjoyed an amazing holiday.


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