4 Secrets to Young Skin

4 Secrets to Young Skin

The pursuit of youth is an ongoing one, that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. People want to look fabulous over the age of 70 and will stop at nothing to achieve it! Great skin can often be genetic, however, in most cases, it’s a result of healthy habits.

By making the right lifestyle choices and incorporating the right steps into your daily routine, you can tap into the secrets of young skin. Here are some of the best-kept secrets for keeping your skin looking young and vibrant.

Stay Out of The Sun

The sun, although it provides us with all sorts of benefits, can be your skin’s worst enemy. Not only can it lead to premature wrinkles and age spots, but it can also even lead to skin cancer.

That’s why it’s critical that you avoid the sun as much as possible. Apply sunblock on a daily basis—even on cloudy days. You should stay in the shade whenever possible and always wear a big hat and sunglasses when out and about in sunny conditions.

Yes, this may mean you’re a little paler than everyone else, however, when you compare the perks of being wrinkle-free to the disadvantages of being pale, it’s clear to see which is the better end of the deal.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated can do your skin all sorts of favors. Remember, hydrating yourself from the inside out is crucial. That means not just drinking water, but also applying cream regularly.

Adequate hydration will keep your skin elastic and supple, ultimately reducing your risk of wrinkles. Staying hydrated isn’t always as simple as it sounds. Not everybody loves the taste of water. It helps to carry around a water bottle and sip occasionally throughout the day. Once you get into the habit of it you’ll hardly need to remember, and it will simply become a part of your routine.

Eat Essential Nutrients

As they say, “You are what you eat,” and your skin is no exception. Maintaining a healthy diet is an important part of achieving great skin, believe it or not. By eating a diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals, you’ll promote your overall skin wellness, and protect against the signs of aging. That means eating plenty of vegetables and fruits, especially ones that are known for antioxidants. Also, make sure to eat plenty of healthy fats, and of course avoid sugar as much as possible.

Wash and Moisturize Daily

The simple act of washing your face and moisturizing it every day can make a world of difference in maintaining a youthful glow. Every morning and every night make sure that you start with a fresh slate. In addition to moisturizer, you may want to add in extra boosters or serums which will help smooth your skin’s appearance and prevent wrinkles from forming.


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