DIY Locker Decor

DIY Locker Decor

DIY Locker Decor

When school starts again in August, your kid might not be ecstatic to return to their studies. However, there might be a way to help make the prospect of going to back to school a tad bit appealing – their new locker!

For your kid, their locker is like another home while they are away from home. We all remember how hideous and spartan our lockers used to be. It doesn’t have to be that way for your kid. Help your child make their locker their own with the easy DIY locker décor tips mentioned here.

We have tried to keep things simple, which is why you won’t find any decorating locker ideas that are too elaborate. As a bonus, we have also included some easy to make DIY locker accessories here!


The first thing that your kid needs to decide before getting into the thick of DIY locker décor is the theme they want to use. We mention a few themes below. Even so, if your child prefers to think up of one of their own to go with their decorating locker ideas, then that’s completely fine too!

  • Dots and Stripes
  • Glam
  • Floral
  • Animal Prints
  • Minecraft
  • Black and White
  • Beach
  • Movie



Even the most basic DIY locker decor will start with good wallpaper. Have your kid choose one that agrees with the theme and paper the locker walls with it.


To make a locker stand out among the rest, why not add a furry carpet or rug to it!


The next few good decorating locker ideas involve installing different kinds of holders to the locker wall. After all, a locker’s true purpose is to hold your kid’s stationery and books. So, DIY locker accessories, such as pencil holders, binders, containers, folders cases, and binders would be good additions.

DIY Locker Accessories:

Photo Magnets

If your kid spends a lot of time on Instagram, then they will be a fan of this idea. It has a certain vintage feel to it that will speak to their whimsical side. Download a photo frame template and add your kid’s photos inside. Press print! Stick a cardstock on the flip side for increased durability. Complete the accessory by adding a magnet.

Pen Holder

Remember the pen holder that we mentioned above? Well, you can make one of your own by spray-painting a mint or spice tin. Help your kid paint the tin and let it dry. Next, attach a magnet to the outside of the tin. The penholder is ready to be hung inside the locker door!


Your plain old clothespin can become a glittery accessory for a child’s locker! All you need to do is load it up with a lot of glitter and make that glitter stick with a little glue. Stick small adhesive magnets on the non-glittery side of the pin and you’re good to go. Your kid can use them to pin important papers or pictures inside their locker.

We hope you like this list of decorating locker ideas. Let us know which ones you decided to go with while decorating your kid’s locker!

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