Explore Shapewear Options for a Cool and Comfortable Summer

Explore Shapewear Options for a Cool and Comfortable Summer

You don’t need to heat up to have a tighter body shape. The idea that shapewear cannot be worn in the summer because it is tight and hot is a thing of the past.

Technology already makes it possible to provide modern women with clothes with efficient fabrics for high temperatures through the popilush bluetag collection. It is possible to achieve the ideal fit without compromising your personal style or failing to follow the main fashion trends for the season.


Elegant strapless tube dress

A well-designed, high-quality dress allows you to develop your personal confidence for any occasion. Adjusted shapes for a more curvaceous body are highly desired by women. The tube dress is a classic that everyone should have in their closet.

The piece is even more assertive if made with premium fabric, with a cooling effect on the body. This means it reduces the intensity of body temperature in hotter climates. There are two ways to wear this dress: with thin straps or without straps, as they are removable. You can feel even cooler without lines or seam marks. So a dress with laser-cut leg openings might be an option you’ll love.


Bodysuit that sculpts and aligns the body

The structure that a bodysuit shapewear offers to the female body can align the shape of your silhouette with full coverage of imperfections and smoothing of bumps or lumps. This benefit is achieved through the shapewear mesh that slims the abdomen region with comfort and breathability.

It is possible to be free from the unwanted effects of perspiration, due to antibacterial technology that absorbs moisture from the body for a dry and fresh feeling of clothing. The ruched fabric detail helps to narrow the waist even further so you appear to be a few sizes smaller than your original mannequin.

The technological fabric protects your skin against UVA and UVB rays, preventing sunburn or illnesses caused by excessive sun exposure. This effect delivers a blockade with more than 99% effectiveness. The crotch opening has three rows of hooks to make your trips to the bathroom easier. Furthermore, the durability of this bodysuit is excellent, so it still maintains its shape after many washes.

https://www.popilush.com/cdn/shop/files/VAZ2117_2048x2048.jpg?v=1716364510Summer maxi dress

The perfect summer outfit should keep you comfortable, cool and confident. Therefore, a highly elastic and soft fabric is the way to achieve firm yet breathable clothing. A dress with a modern design that follows fashion trends can be used for both day and night parties.

The buttery texture of a dress with built in shapewear means you can wear a full-body slip outfit without the sticky feeling caused by traditional clothes. So a sheer mesh dress can make you feel even more beautiful during a luau, or a one-shoulder dress with crinkle-effect fabric on the side can give you a flattering shape for a summer club night.

The adjustable straps allow for a perfect fit between the dress and more aligned curves. It also provides support for the bust area along with pads that can be removed for personal adjustment.

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