Do Vegan CBD Gummies Work As Efficiently As Oil?

Do Vegan CBD Gummies Work As Efficiently As Oil?

When it comes to consuming marijuana-based products, there’s a rather complicated question that pops-up every now and then: Should you eat it, or should you smoke it? Considering that nowadays you can even find cookies, brownies, and ice cream containing high levels of THC, as well as vapers and many products aiming to enhance someone’s smoking experience when it comes to cannabis, this is a rather solid question to answer.

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But here’s where things get complicated: CBD products have also become rather diverse in the last couple of years. Before, hemp-based oil was the way to go, and it was primarily used to deal with symptoms caused by pain-inducing physical conditions and inflammatory diseases. This oil, of course, was consumed by mouth, but afterward, you could find ointments and creams that served the same pain-relieving purposes.

Now, you can also find other types of CBD products: edibles. And I’m not talking about oil, which is normally perceived as a medicine. I’m talking about edibles that would be fairly more suitable to be called snacks. One of the most common you can find are gummies, and as mentioned in this original source, most of these gummies are 100% natural and claim to work as well as oils, containing all the properties of any CBD product.

In fact, as CBD became famous around the world as a way to relieve pain, inflammation, and help people recover some of their mobility which was reduced by aging or diseases, even products aimed towards pets were created. And I’m talking about oils, dog treats, and cat food, with all of them fulfilling its main goal: helping the pet relieve some of their pain and inflammation.

But before we start analyzing the information we have found over the internet, why don’t we talk a little more about CBD, the hemp plant, cannabis, and marijuana, so you understand some really important aspects of the products containing said components?


There’s something most people know about cannabis, and it is its capabilities of getting people high when consumed, whether it is smoked or eaten. Although there are differences between how both ways work, they ultimately fulfill the same goal, and it is pretty much the same for CBD related products.

But let’s talk about this later. Now, we should address two special components both found in the hemp plant and cannabis. First is THC, which is the compound getting people high, and CBD, which is the one bringing the health benefits we are looking for.

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THC is known as Tetrahydrocannabinol, whereas CBD is known as Cannabidiol. You can find a lot of the first one in the cannabis, and way less o the second compound in it. On the other hand, the hemp plant contains way less THC and much more CBD.

That’s why all products containing cannabidiol are derived from the hemp plant since the hemp plant is a variation of the cannabis plant containing only 0.3% THC levels. Why is this so important to mention? Well, because it will bring all the benefits without getting people and animals intoxicated!

Talking About Oils

You have probably found out that most products containing CBD come in the form of oil. It’s easier to manage, find and its effects are pretty much faster to arrive than when you use edibles. There are different types of oils, as mentioned in this article, and each one has its cons and pros.

Still, although they do fulfill their role, for some people they might not be as appealing, and in fact, they have become the reason why the stopped trying cannabidiol all along. The taste is everything but appealing, and the feeling of it going throw your throat is nothing but pleasant, as you might expect.

It works faster than regular edibles , though, but for some people, it brings some side-effects including vomiting and diarrhea, so you may want to consider this.

Also, note that consuming and smoking cannabis are pretty different. Smoking works faster but lasts less, and might have a strong effect at first but it reduces its long-term efficiency. Eating an edible, on the other hand, works for much longer but takes almost twice the time to work.

Cannabidiol Edibles

Now, the CBD edibles. They are definitely better if you care for taste and texture, and since they work the same, you might as well go for them. Of course, they are more expensive, and a little harder to find.

It’s also much easier to manage something you can hold with your hand, making the doses easier to calculate, and let’s be honest, the fact that you can consume them wherever you are without worrying about anyone is a big plus.

If you are still interested in getting to know some differences, you should check this article over here for more detailed information.

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