Outdoor Twister

Outdoor Twister

If you and your family have loved playing this game inside, then you will be excited to know there is a version known as outdoor twister that can be played outside! Also known as yard twister, it is easy to construct out of doors, such as in the yard.

The best part is that setting up yard twister doesn’t even require more equipment than say, spray paint cans! Once you have grabbed those, all you will need is an expanse of grass to create the game of outdoor twister.

Most families love one thing about yard twister: there is no limit to the number of people who can play at one time. If more people join you, simply paint a few more circles on the grass and have them join you!

Requirements for Outdoor Twister

  • Spray paint – all four colors
  • Poster Board
  • Scissors
  • Bowl
  • Pencil
  • Bucket
  • Paper
  1. Once you have gathered all the things mentioned above, you would be ready to construct your version of yard twister. Upend the bowl on poster bowl and use the circle it forms to make a template.
  2. Now, set the template on the grass, starting from one end of the lawn, and spray paint your first hole.
  3. Keep going, alternating with the four colors that you know are a part of twister, whether it is outdoor twisteror not!
  4. Get ready to play once you are done!

Playing Yard Twister

Use color- and body part-coded cards, instead of a spinner. Before you start playing, make someone the referee who will call out the body part and the color by looking at the card pulled out. Say, the referee tells that they picked out Left hand, blue:

  • All the players will extend their left hands and occupy a vacantblue circle with them.
  • Say, someone’s already standing on the colored circle that has been called out. In that case, the rules of outdoor twister state that they would have to find another circle of the same circle and occupy it with their left hand.
  • Keep in mind that no single circle can have more than one body part occupying it. If two people reach a circle at the same time, then you will need the referee to decide which person reached there first. Once the referee has declared their decision, the other person will have to look for another vacant circle of the same color.
  • No one can remove a body part from a circle once they have set it down. There are exceptions, such as when the referee asks you to do it after a spin. There is also another time when you might have to do it to allow another to pass by. If that is about to happen, inform the referee before you move the hand. Try to replace it immediately.
  • When all the circles of a particular circle have been filled, the referee must pull out a card that states a different color.

We hope this guide made things clear when it comes to the construction and playing of outdoor twister!

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