Plan Your Next Vacation to Fort Lauderdale, FL

Plan Your Next Vacation to Fort Lauderdale, FL

Ah, the beautiful weather of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It’s a great destination for those coming off a long and harsh winter in the north. In fact, spring break is just around the corner for many families. The beaches, the attractions, and the weather all make Fort Lauderdale a great place to vacate to. My family and I were down in Fort Lauderdale last year and we had a great time! Today, I’m going to be breaking down the reasons why you should consider visiting Fort Lauderdale on your next vacation. Let’s get started!

1. The weather

The weather down in Fort Lauderdale is absolutely amazing! In the spring time, it is normally a balmy 80 degrees which is perfect beach weather. Lined with amazing beaches and tasty restaurants, the weather adds to your overall experience here. It allows you to lay out in the sun and get a nice tan or relax poolside while reading a novel. I’d personally recommend getting a couple friends to play beach volleyball together. Whatever the activity, the weather is definitely a plus.

2. The beaches

As I previously highlighted, the beaches here are one of a kind. They are the types of beaches that appear on postcards and in movies. The great thing about Fort Lauderdale is that there are so many to choose from! Fort Lauderdale beach is definitely our top pick as it is the ideal Floridian beach that many people expect. However, John U. Lloyd Beach State Park is also a great option if you want to soak up the sun as well as see nature. If you’re looking to take a shopping trip, head to Hollywood Beach. This beach has a boardwalk that is filled with many shops. In the end, Fort Lauderdale has a beach for any activity you’d like to do.

3. The attractions

Fort Lauderdale has many attractions that are fun for the whole family. Take a stroll down Las Olas Boulevard as the street is lined with three museums as well as ten international art galleries. If you’re looking to get a bite to eat, Las Olas Boulevard is a great place to find a quality restaurant. Not far from Las Olas Boulevard is the Stranahan House, another attraction your family would enjoy. The Stranahan house is the oldest surviving structure in Broward County and served as a trading post for Frank Stranahan with the Seminole Indians. If you want to see nature, take a trip west to Sawgrass Recreation Park. Here, your family will be able to experience the Florida Everglades firsthand through a guided airboat tour. If hiking is your activity, consider making a visit to Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. Here you’ll be able to hike the Coastal Hammock Trail and see the diverse nature of Florida’s ecosystem. Whatever the activity, I’m sure it’s something you and your family will enjoy as Florida is one of the best travel destinations for families.

4. The cars

The cars in Fort Lauderdale are exocitic and exciting. In Fort Lauderdale, don’t be surprised if you see a red Ferrari or a yellow Lamborghini pull up next to you. If you are looking to remain in Florida for an extended amount of time, loan services in Plantation FL are a great place to start. They will be able to give you an affordable loan on a car.

Overall, Fort Lauderdale is the place to vacate to anytime of the year. Not only will you have fun but your family will as well.

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