The Indian subcontinent is known throughout the world for various things. We are a land of seekers and healers, various people from ancient Indian history are also known for being spiritually enlightened and gifting their knowledge to other people.

India is also known to be the birthplace of yogic culture and ayurvedic medicine techniques. Various cultures from around the world and foreigners are using the knowledge of yoga and Ayurveda for health benefits in the modern world.

India is also known for its weather, one that is very versatile and promotes the growth of a wide variety of crops on the Indian soil. Apart from crops and tea, India is also known for growing good quality spices that are a staple for a variety of cuisines across different states and cultures.

Some Indian herbs and spices are also used for medicinal purposes and have multiple benefits. For example, one of the best treatments for alopecia areata is applying onion juice or garlic on the head. They promote hair growth and can help one recover from balding in specific parts of their scalp.

The herbs that are used in Indian households for various purposes and also some spices like turmeric and cumin have multiple benefits for the health as well as the skin and hair. This is also a reason why India also exports these spices to other countries and people from all around the world can use them for their own specific requirements.


Following are some benefits of herbs and spices that are found and grown in India:

  • TULSI: it is a plant that is found and worshipped in many Indian households. Tulsi has various forms in which it grows that are equally beneficial for consumption.

Tulsi has been and is still used as an antiseptic, it is used in tea for better immunity, it offers relief from a number of respiratory issues like cold, cough, bronchitis, etc.

It is also antipyretic and analgesic so it can be used for relieving pain and reducing fever in many cases. Tulsi also shows some properties which can be used for treating or avoiding cancer. It is also known to lower stress levels and manage blood pressure.

It is also used for multiple skin benefits and helps to fight acne and blemishes, it is also good for people with diabetes and is a natural insect repellent.

  • GARLIC: a commonly used Indian spice and also a constituent of various Italian dishes, garlic has a strong smell and multiple uses when it comes to health. It shows the presence of compounds with high medicinal properties.

It has no calories but a large amount of nutrients, it also helps with a number of sicknesses like the common cold, it helps in reducing blood pressure and cholesterol. It also helps with a number of heart diseases and lowers the risk of strokes.

Garlic gel for hair is one of the best treatments for alopecia areata, a disease in which a person may develop bald spots on their head due to genetic or environmental effects.

  • TURMERIC: it has been used in Indian households for many years and is also widely used by ayurvedic professionals for treating a number of physical ailments. It has a very high amount of antioxidants and has bioactive compounds that have a number of medicinal properties.

It has a substance called curcumin which is known to be an anti-inflammatory substance. The use of curcumin is being studied for treating a number of diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and issues related to the heart.

Turmeric with milk also has a number of health benefits like improving the skin and also fighting the common cold and flu.

  • CUMIN: another widely used spice in Indian dishes, cumin finds its uses in a lot of places from health to beauty and slimming. Cumin also has a high amount of antioxidants which help one remain energetic and youthful for a long time and keeps the metabolism strong.

Cumin also has anti-cancer properties and helps with a number of digestive issues like diarrhea. It is also used by people for controlling blood sugar and to prevent diabetes. It also lowers cholesterol and helps in keeping the heart-healthy.

Cumin can also be used to make cumin water, consumption of which over a long time helps one get rid of the extra fat and reduce weight significantly. This is because of the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of cumin.

Apart from the basics, cumin is also known to improve memory and keep the mind sharp.

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