What Are GDW’s Vegan Products?

What Are GDW’s Vegan Products?

Marijuana edibles have come a long way since the brownie recipe Alice B. Toklas made popular in the 1940s.  Before there was such a thing as a medical cannabis card, and before the word “vegan” was in the dictionary, there were pot brownies.  Brownies tend to include ingredients that would draw the scorn of California’s health conscious crowd.  Most of the space cakes passed around at Pink Floyd concerts contain milk or butter, so they are not vegan.  A lot of vegan brownie recipes contain wheat flour, so they are not gluten free.  The verdict, then, is that brownies are so last generation.  Where, then, can truly health conscious vegans get cannabis edibles that meet their standards?

Beyond Marijuana Brownies

All of Green Door West’s products are vegan, and they contain every type of sweet treat you can imagine.  From glazed almonds to fruit gelee candies, they provide a truly sophisticated cannabis edibles experience.  A frat house full of dudes with the munchies would never dream up these delicate confections.  For example, Toasted Rooster chocolate bars contain 70% cacao.  To add to the savory experience, they also contain sea salt and spices. Marijuana delivery near me is about so much more than brownies.

Not Just Edibles

You can use the oils and leaves from Green Door West to make your own cannabis edibles at home.  Maybe you can become the Alice B. Toklas of your generation, catering to a vegan and gluten-avoidant crowd.  But some Green Door West products are not even meant to be ingested at all.  Green Door West has an array of topical products containing cannabis.  One of the most popular of these is Whoopi and Maya rub.

All the products on the Green Door West site are vegan, and they range from sweets to tinctures.

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