How To Prepare Your Car For A European Road Trip

How To Prepare Your Car For A European Road Trip

If you’re fortunate enough to be planning your first European road trip Kwik Fit can help you get your car ready to take it around Europe! If you’re interested in learning more continue reading to discover how to prepare your car for your upcoming journey.

How to prepare your car for a European road trip:

  1. Make sure that all of your car’s tyres are in great condition:

Before you set out on your epic European adventure, it’s a wise idea to visit your local tire specialist to find out whether any of your car’s tyres should be replaced before your trip begins. As the last thing you need is to experience a flat tyre, on your European getaway!

  1. Ensure that all of your car’s tires are adequately pumped up

It’s also well worth ensuring that all four of your car’s tyres have been pumped up to the right pressure. As a car which features tyres which have been pumped up with too much air pressure may burst, while a car which has tires which are underinflated may be highly susceptible to incurring a flat tyre.

So if you don’t want to be stuck in a foreign country, with a flat tyre, it’s well worth making sure that your car’s tyres are all inflated to the right air pressure for your car’s specific make and model.

  1. Make sure that your car has a spare tire

Even if you replace any worn out tires and make sure to pump up your car’s tyres before your trip, there is always a chance that one of your car’s tires will need to be replaced. In order to ensure that you’ll be able to make it to the nearest garage, it pays to have an emergency spare tire in trunk or boot of your car. As you don’t want to be stuck on a remote road, without an emergency tire.

Just remember not to continue driving with an emergency tire for the rest of your road trip as emergency tires offer less tread than regular tyres and are only designed to get you to the nearest garage!

  1. Get your car serviced at least a week before your European road trip

It’s a wise idea to get your car serviced before the day of your trip as not only will your car be returned to you being fully cleaned but your car’s oil will also be changed and the individual who serviced your car for you will be able to tell you if your car is likely to need any emergency repairs.

  1. Make sure that your car’s headlights and tail lights are working properly

In order to decrease your chances of being involved in a road accident, whilst traveling at night, it’s well worth making sure that both your car’s headlights and tail lights are working efficiently. As you’ll need your car’s headlights to be in perfect working order so that you can see the corners and road ahead of, while you’ll need working tail lights in order to stop cars behind you from hitting the back of your car!

So before you set off on the open road, make sure to check off each of the safety checks listed above, in order to ensure that your car is in perfect working condition for your European vacation!

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