How to Prepare for a Luxury Holiday in France

How to Prepare for a Luxury Holiday in France

There is nothing better than taking a magical luxurious tour and staying in a chalet in France, considered to be the not only the cultural but the gourmet heart of Europe as well. Before embarking on this adventure to experience some of the best that La Vie en Rose has to offer, an expert guide will assist you in preparing for your beauty sleep in the most upscale and refreshing hotels in the whole of France, as you gaze at some of the most priceless gems from this European treasure chest.

Whether you are aiming to unwind at the famous and serene beaches of Normandy or view the gothic splendor of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, there is nothing quite like a voyage through some of the charming provinces of this country, in the most luxurious way possible.

All this is however is easier said than done. Preparing for a really high quality holiday is quite different from preparing for the routine road or camp trip, through territory you are familiar with. Since you are setting foot on a glamorous and chic country like France, and that too for the first time, the first and foremost thing to keep in mind will be to plan for your routine.

Prepare a plan

This is inarguably the most important part of the trip, much more than even the fashion and wardrobe concerns. There is no doubt whatsoever that since you will be staying in the topmost locations, security concerns should not be an issue. That doesn’t mean that bad things cannot happen in such places. So it is absolutely necessary to share your travel plans in full details with your folks or friends back home, so that someone or the other is aware of your whereabouts.

Secondly, once the plane tickets and reservations have been taken care of, make copies electronically and store them safely in a cloud account. Make sure that this account can be readily accessed from any device, just in case the one you have gets misplaced. In the worst scenario, even if you land with a grimace on your face, you will still be able to download all the vital information. Finally, copies of bank cards, emergency contact numbers and travel insurance should also be stored, just in case of an uncalled emergency.

When to go

France is a year round destination and has some of the best weather as far as European countries are concerned. Still it is important to prepare for the bright sun or the low temperatures in the mountains. Pack enough sunscreen to protect yourself and the kids from sunburn or skin damage.

Overall, summer is the most crowded and busiest time in France, with long daylight hours and the most crowds. Remember that for one day in October, during Nuit Blanche, all the major attractions like art galleries, museums, swimming pools and parks remain open all night long.

Carry the perfect wardrobe

Knowing what clothes to carry for a location like France, can be quite a difficult thing to decide.The best thing to do is to get real time feedback from people on the ground, or through social media platforms by using hashtags about a specific location like a restaurant or club.

Anyone who embarks on a voyage of luxury, will always be interested to make the best impression as far as clothes and looks are concerned. This may mean to take extra time to make your hair look perfect and your skin glow, the moment you step down from your plane in France.

Choose the right accommodation

France has a wide range of luxury accommodation on offer and some of the most amazing architecture in Europe. From high end private beachfront villas to some of the most stunning châteaus, the options of stay can keep many a millionaire spoilt for choices. Having said that, there is one novel way to see the splendours of this lovely country in total ease and luxury personified, that is, on a barge.

If you want to have all the bragging rights about the accommodation you chose for your French holiday, then see the country on a hotel barge.This is the ultimate as far as luxury and slow and relaxing travel to a country is concerned. This private floating exclusive mansion of yours, will gently wind its way along the rural waterways of France, covering more than a hundred kilometres on a six day totally pampering journey.

For your entire duration, there will be a master chef on board and a well stocked cellar of the choicest wines from around the world for you to savor as soak up the picturesque beauty of France. Plan a barge holiday in such a way to include village walks and strolls through castles and medieval villages. This high level holiday comes with excellent on board service and trips through Burgundy, Canal du Midi and Alsace & Lorraine.

Even though France is just a small country situated at just across the English Channel, the gorgeous lifestyle and food will make you feel in an entirely new world. The country has been a leading luxury tourist destination for decades and geographically too, it is more diverse than any other country in Europe. Flaunting fine food, living a fine life and enjoying fine art and fashion are the principal attributes associated with the French people.

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