Benefits of Choosing a Luxury Apartment Over a Hotel

Benefits of Choosing a Luxury Apartment Over a Hotel

Luxury apartments and hotels are the best options for accommodation during a vacation. Between these two, it is best if you choose a luxury apartment. Whether you’re planning a luxury vacation in France, or hitting the beaches of Costa Rica, your accommodation could make or break your trip. Luxury apartments may not have been a popular option before, but more people are considering them now. 

The main reason is the space. Luxury apartments are really spacious. There is enough room for an entire family or group of friends to stretch out and relax. There are apartments with several bedrooms as well. If you are travelling as a group, everyone will have enough space.

There is also space for a kitchen. You can cook while you are away, so if you have a hard time adjusting to local foods, you won’t worry about feeling hungry. This also works for people who are following a special diet.

The space is also extended beyond the apartment itself. These apartments have swimming pools and fitness gyms with enough equipment for you to use. It is like you are not away from home at all. You can still have all the amenities and facilities you enjoy at home while you are on vacation. Lastly don’t forget about the views from your apartment. You could be waking up to views or European architecture or views of blue water beaches from your apartment. 

It is cheaper

You might wonder how come it is cheaper to rent a luxury apartment. If you simply look at the cost, without looking at other factors like space and facilities, the cost might be the same or sometimes even more expensive than a hotel stay, but apartments can accommodate several guests. You only need to pay for one apartment for everyone who is joining the vacation. Hotels on the other hand have really strict rules. You can only have a certain number of people in a room at a time. If you go beyond the allowable number of guests, you have to pay more. Of course, another option is to rent another room, which will seriously bump up your vacation accommodation costs.  

Safety is a priority

Similar to a hotel, luxury apartments are also safe. Being safe when you travel is very important. They are gated communities and safety codes are available. It limits access to the area. There are also not a lot of people renting a luxury apartment so it does not feel so crowded. The units may have private entrances so there is no need to pass through the lobby just to get in and out of the apartment. Of course, there are typically also other security measures like CCTV cameras and roving guards.

More entertainment options

If you are travelling with kids, you want to make them feel entertained all the time. This is not possible in a small hotel room. Luxury apartments on the other hand have a complete entertainment system inside. Private pools and spas are also an option. Bike rentals are also available.

There is no doubt a luxury apartment is better in most cases. Try renting one of the excellent luxury apartments Edinburgh offers on your next trip to this wonderful city.

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