Your Kids Are Going Off To College, Now What?

Your Kids Are Going Off To College, Now What?

The time has finally come: you’re officially an empty nester! With the kids off in college and their admission counselling for undergraduate courses finally paid for, it’s time to envision what this next stage of your life is going to be. While you may have a decade or two to go before you can officially retire, becoming an empty nester, in some ways, is like retiring. Without the necessary trips to and from extracurricular activities for your children, helping them with coursework, monitoring their GPA, and needing to keep tabs on them when they’re headed out with friends, you get to have a break from parenting and focus on the aspects of your life and relationship with your spouse that you’re most interested in kindling.

That being said, just because becoming an empty nester can be an exciting time doesn’t mean that it automatically comes with directions. Different couples may deal with becoming empty nesters differently, so it’s important to have a game plan of what you actually want to accomplish with this newfound time on your hands. Here are a few ideas to consider as you transition to life without kids in your home—keeping in mind that you’ll still want your college-aged son or daughter to visit you from time to time!

Rekindle the romance in your relationship.


You’ve helped your son or daughter get ready for prom, dates, and all the big school dances; now it’s your time to shine! If you feel like your relationship with your spouse has taken a backseat to raising your children over the past 18 years, you’re not alone. That being said, you don’t have to just sit there and let your relationship stagnate. Consider instituting weekly date nights with your partner now that you don’t have to coordinate around your kids’ schedules, too. You may even decide to take a few weekend getaway trips to visit old friends or just enjoy some romantic new scenery. Focusing on your partner is a great way to reap the benefits of your kids going off to college.

Find ways to unwind.

If you feel like you could never find ten minutes to yourself to relax while you were a full-time parent, just finding some new ways to unwind can be a great way to approach becoming an empty nester. You might even find that using various cannabis products is a great way for you to complement other relaxing activities such as meditation or taking long walks. Keep in mind that most cannabis products have dosages with minimal THC amounts in them due to federal regulations; however, THC products made in third-party labs, such as Delta-8 products, may be legal in your hometown depending on where you live.

One of the benefits of using THC products and edibles rather than smoking is that they come in delicious flavors like watermelon, pineapple, strawberry, black raspberry, and blue razz. Delta 8 gummies are thus a discreet way to enjoy THC extract from hemp and cannabis plants combined with natural ingredients, too. A mango gummy, for example, offers a quick and easy way to enjoy the benefits of a Delta-8-THC product without getting bogged down in synthetic ingredients. Keep in mind that in some areas of the United States, Delta-8-THC products may have different regulations and state laws governing dosage and usage. If you haven’t used Delta-8-THC products before and it’s your first time, make sure to talk to your doctor first to get their medical advice about potential side effects from THC, as Delta-8-THC products aren’t currently monitored or regulated by the FDA. Once you have their blessing, make sure to focus on only using high-quality products with an ingredient list you can understand, rather than counting solely on the places with the best discount or customer reviews alone.

Downsize your home.


With the housing market as hot as it is, many older couples with kids in college are finding that downsizing their home is a great way to boost their nest egg while still having a great place to live. Regardless of where you live in the United States, the real estate market is booming for sellers. This means that whether you live in Idaho, Arkansas, or Rhode Island, it’s possible to make top dollar selling your home and moving to a smaller condo, or even renting an apartment. Of course, in order to maximize your return on your home’s sale, it’s important to have a team of experienced professionals such as the folks at They’ll be able to walk you through the ins and outs of negotiation and contingencies in order to ensure that you get the best deal on the sale of your home. Making sure to find a reputable brand of real estate professionals with years of experience ultimately helps you get the service you need to find success when downsizing.

As you can see, there are many different ways to approach using the time you now have with your kids away at college. While some couples may decide to use this time to focus on themselves and their relationship, others may just enjoy getting to relax without fear of being interrupted by their child’s needs. Still, others may appreciate having the time and extra money to take up a new hobby or find more money by selling their homes and downsizing to something a little easier to manage. Whatever you decide to do, know that as long as you are listening to your authentic wants and desires, you’re bound to have a great time transitioning from bustling parent to empty nester.


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