Ways to brighten your home for winter

Ways to brighten your home for winter

Now that the days are getting shorter, it’s more important than ever that your living space feels like a bright, cosy and clean place to be. When you’re working at home it’s so easy to let things pile up as your professional and personal spaces merge into one, so we should try and take a step back and think about the little things we can do to ensure that we’re enjoying a place where we can relax and breathe, and not just occupying a Zoom location.

Clear away that clutter

We’ve all gone a little overboard on the online shopping this year, with e-commerce sales in the US alone going up by more than 30% between the first and second quarters of 2020. As we shift away from summer hobbies to the winter holidays, all those purchases need to go somewhere. Think about what you want to keep and how you can store it efficiently, or maybe it’s time to sell some of those impulse buys on before the seasonal rush begins?

Find your lights

As winter sets in, it gets more and more difficult to enjoy those essential bursts of sunlight. Studies have shown that lighting in the workplace has a real impact on mood and mental health and it’s going to be particularly important as we work from home this winter to make sure we’re not just sitting in a dark room that’s only illuminated by the glow of our screens. Overhead lighting is important, but a warm light in the corner of a room or desk is also key. Think about what mirrors or reflective surfaces you can deploy to heighten the impact and experiment with your space to see what works for you.

Spring clean early

Upholstery cleaning may not immediately make you think “holiday cheer”, but with everyone spending so much time inside this year, our carpets and sofas have taken a lot of punishment. Whether it’s food you spilled and half-cleaned up, a muddy shoe-print that you can still make out or dog hair that’s been left alone for far too long, it’s time to get it sorted out. A search for upholstery cleaning near me will take you to a professional, experienced service. For example, if you’re in NYC then the team at Near Me Carpet Cleaning uses non-toxic ingredients to remove those tough stains, dust-mites and lingering odours with a deep steam clean. Everyone sitting on that sofa or unwrapping gifts on the carpet over the holidays will thank you!

Rearrange your furniture

If you’re feeling like you’re sick of getting up every morning and staring at the same old furniture as you sip your first cup of coffee, change it up! This is the perfect time to try out new ways to arrange your living space and you’ll be amazed at the impact something as small as moving a bookcase can have on how the room ties together. From something as simple as taking your work computer out of the bedroom into another room to completely altering the arrangement of the living room, this is a small but impactful step towards making your space feel fresh and giving you control over your surroundings.


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