Unknown Tips: How Your Office Can Go Green Within 5 Days

Unknown Tips: How Your Office Can Go Green Within 5 Days

So you want to make the office more eco-sound and you’re in a hurry. Most people recycle at home and are aware of the implications of what they do in the world at large.

When offices go green, the effect is multiplied by the tens or hundreds of people who work there. We are used to recycling. Most people automatically look for the recycling bin when it comes to paper, cardboard and glass. Most of us understand the value of power saving devices and going energy smart.

Offices have opportunities to make a difference not only in recycling terms but also by leading the way in energy-saving devices like lights which switch off automatically, for example.

Check out the space

Do you have any plants? If not add some. Besides immediately improving the air quality, plants have additional benefits which will be reflected in productivity. Even one plant per square meter can improve memory retention and increase employee happiness.

Go Paperless

Ok, a truly paperless office is as unlikely as the proverbial… anyway, there’s a lot to be said for a policy of going digital as much as possible. People collaborate better online, editing of documents is much easier and you don’t need all those filing cabinets.

Change the lightbulbs

This is probably not so unknown, but the benefits are real. Energy-saving lightbulbs last longer, cost less and are easy to use and install. There are options for all sorts of lights too, so anything from desks to the high-vis areas like kitchens can be covered.

Talking about the light bulbs, where possible install sensor lights. These will automatically go off when there is no one in the room, so there is no movement. As soon as the sensor catches a person the lights come on again – eco-magic.

Change the temperature

We have all heard of the offices where the sub-zero temperatures in August mean the staff is going outside to warm up. Set the office temperature at a point which makes sense and is comfortable. Just a few degrees in either direction depending on the season will make 10% difference.

Reduce the plastic consumption in the office

Cut out plastics where you can. And in those cases where they are needed, you can use products which demonstrate your commitment to the environment such as custom earth friendly bags. Your customers will realize your commitment and see you taking the policy into practice. They say that an action is worth a thousand words.

It’s not difficult to go green

These changes are easy to implement and don’t take a huge amount to achieve them. They won’t set your office up for any environmental awards – you have to go to quite a lot more trouble to get those.

But what they will do is inculcate a culture of environmental responsibility. These things start small and then they quickly escalate. It takes about three months for a new thing to become a habit.

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