Top Well Designed Houses that Lottery Winners Own

Top Well Designed Houses that Lottery Winners Own

If you won the lottery would you buy an insane mansion, or buy multiple houses around the world? I would definitely buy a few places around the world and invest a lot of my money into design. As much as I love to DIY, it would be nice to purchase some items and not always have to do them myself (I save tons of money on DIY’ing).

A lottery winner could definitely think of spending money to live in all the expensive luxuries. Learn how the lottery winners of the Powerball jack have spent their money by reading best Powerball winner stories. When you see these houses, you will know why it is a dream of anyone who has to live in a house like these jackpot winners do.  Let us explore the world’s best houses to live in when you have won the lottery:

The Manhattan Mansion

The Manhattan Mansion has more than eight bedrooms, ten bathrooms with a swimming pool, a big garden lawn and a large fountain. The eight storied house with world’s best amenities and comfort. I can imagine they also have a team of staff who have to stay on top of cleaning it, since it would be far too much for one or even two people to handle.

The Gargantuan Estate

Have you ever dreamt about living in a palace? Well, The Gargantuan Estates could give you that lavish experience (if you’re a lottery winner haha). This palace has an IMAX home theatre, a 1,300-gallon big aquarium, fountains and much more. You can enjoy the experience of living in a palace with all the best facilities and services available.

Set of three pristine Islands

Although it’s not for me, some people dream of living in the middle of nowhere. Being isolated from the whole world, you can enjoy your significant time on Islands. When you win a lottery, instead of having only one private island, have a set of three pristine Islands. Then you can island hop around your tranquil new home!

Hopefully you can be next lottery winner and have your own dream designed home somewhere tropical or in luxurious Manhattan, New York City. If you’re feeling motivated, you can play the lottery online from the comfort of your own home. Play Powerball online at Multilotto.

I think I would definitely buy some designer clothes, art, furniture and decor if I won the lottery. Wish me luck in my endeavours – hope you have some luck too!

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