Top Tips and Tricks on How to Reduce the Cost of a Kitchen Extension

Top Tips and Tricks on How to Reduce the Cost of a Kitchen Extension

A house extension is a big project that needs finances, planning, and permission from the authorities. You should be prepared for it, especially by finding a reliable architect to make the plans and drawings before checking the cost of the entire project. However, you can always start by setting a budget and letting the architect plan with that in mind.

More homeowners and real estate agents are looking for the best ways to reduce the cost of kitchen extension without affecting the desired design and integrity of the existing house. If this is what you want, this article will take you through the top tips and tricks to reduce the cost of kitchen extension.

Consider a Simple Design

The first step to reducing the cost of kitchen extension is choosing a simple design. Well, there are numerous kitchen extension ideas such as rear extensions, wrap-around extensions, conservatory extensions, and others. Some are more expensive than others, which can also be determined by the size and complexity of the design.

You should choose a simple and small design plan if you want to reduce the cost of kitchen extension. The good thing is that your architect will help you to achieve this if you work together.

Avoid A Lot of Demolition

It is hard to completely avoid demolishing a part of the existing house to make a kitchen extension, but you can keep it minimal depending on the design idea you choose and architectural plans by the architect.

Even with a complicated design, you can still have the architect refine it to avoid large modifications on attaching walls and roof parts. This will go a long way in reducing the cost of extension.

Reuse Some Materials

There is no point in buying all-new materials if there are some existing materials that you can use. It makes sense to reuse them, but ensure that they do not compromise the integrity of the project. The architect and constructor can work together to find the materials that can be used when a wall or part of the roof is demolished to make the extension.

Also, use locally available materials before importing or buying expensive ones. Some architects and constructors know reliable and affordable sources of such materials.

Seek Permission from the Authority

Building a kitchen extension without permission from the authority can cost you a lot of money later. In most cases, there could be a hefty fine for skipping this important step or you could end up being asked to knock down the extended parts. People who take shortcuts may have compromised structures that can lead to disaster or even the death of a user. Do the right thing now to avoid such a cost.

Do Not Add Expensive Fixtures Now

Another way to keep the cost of kitchen extension down is by saving expensive fixtures for later. According to real estate consultants, you should focus on the shell right now and plan for expensive lighting, kitchen gadgets, and other fixtures to come later.

For now, you can add the provisions so that it is easy to add them when ready. This will avoid other costs of modifying the kitchen to accommodate these fixtures.


All these tips and tricks and more will help you to keep the cost of kitchen extension low. Always plan and save every coin to have a successful project and results that you will enjoy for a long time.


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