Tips for choosing the Perfect Gaming Personal Computer

Tips for choosing the Perfect Gaming Personal Computer

As a gamer, you want to have a comfortable playing environment as well as the right gadget for playing your game. The personal computer comes in handy for this purpose. However, it is very important to choose the right type of computer for you. When you can choose the right computer, you would have a good balance of value and performance. You would also be able to enjoy your games. You do not necessarily have to get the highest quality or size of everything. This article will discuss things to look out for when choosing your perfect gaming personal computer.

One of the things you want to look out for when getting a perfect gaming personal computer is the size of the system unit you intend to buy. You would have to choose between buying a laptop and buying a desktop. The major advantage of buying a laptop is portability. However, it could come with the price of being more expensive. If you are going for desktop, you would have the options of going for a small, mid-sized or big tower desktop. The smaller personal computers would serve if you do not have a large space to put them. However, the major disadvantage is that you would not be able to improve it or add new hardware if new ones come out that could improve the computer. The mid-sized tower is a sort of compromise between the smaller sized and the big sized desktop. A big-sized computer is often a great option if you can afford it and if you don’t have issues with space. It gives you the flexibility to improve on it by adding more components when you want to. Thus, you could choose between portability if you have limited size or the big size if you can afford it.

The Central Processing Unit is important as it determines how quickly your computer can process the game information. The range for processors currently ranges from 2 to 16 in most cases. For a gaming computer, it would be best to buy a computer with a minimum of a quad-core processor. However, it would be best to buy a computer with 6 cores. Anything beyond that in most cases would amount to waste as a computer with 6 cores will be able to properly process any game you want to play.

A GPU also known as graphics processing unit is a very important part of the computer when it comes to playing games. The quality of your graphic card comes in handy when it comes to rendering the images of the game and the right frame rates. If you are playing games of about 1080 pixels and you want decent performance, entry-level GPUs will give you such performance. However, if you want to be able to play 1440 pixels game on the computer, then you would need mid-level GPUs and 4K games would require very powerful GPUs that could cost as high as $1,000. You can read reviews about dell to know which of their gaming computers have the right type of GPU that would serve you.

The RAM is also another very important part of the computer that affects how much you would enjoy the game you are playing on your computer. RAM sizes could be as high as 64GB. However, for most games, a 16GB RAM would be good enough and any RAM bigger than that could have the remaining space beyond 16GB being mostly redundant. You can, however, utilize 8GB if you are playing games that are older or you won’t mind losing some of the frame rate or details in the game.

Hard disk
The hard disk stores the file for your game and the game is loaded from the hard disk to the RAM when you want to play it. The type of hard disk you have would significantly affect how quickly your games load. Solid-state drivers are faster than the normal SATA hard disks. Considering that solid-state drives are becoming cheaper, you could invest in one. With solid-state drives, your computer should have loaded the Windows operating system in less than 30 seconds. Furthermore, games that would take a minute to load on a SATA hard drive would require just 10 to 20 seconds on a solid-state drive.

Even though cooling is distinct from performance, there could be an impact. When your computer gets very hot, the processor could slow down a bit and this could decrease performance. Furthermore, the cooling device when struggling to keep the computer cold could lead to an increase in the noise of the fan. If you are not bothered about the noise or you are using an earpiece, the cooling system of the computer should be fine considering that the GPU and processor come with their dedicated fans. However, you could invest in a more quality cooling system if you do not want the noise.


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