Timeless Murano Glass Sculpture Gifts for this Holiday Season

Timeless Murano Glass Sculpture Gifts for this Holiday Season

The previous two years have been tough on all of us, we weren’t able to be with our family during some important times and holidays, however as it seems, we might be having our break now, and this year we can finally gather all our loved ones and have amazing holidays together.

So, with the holiday season coming, especially with Christmas and New Year’s, there isn’t a better time of the year than now to start choosing gifts for your loved ones, to show them how much they mean to you and how much you cherish them.

In this article we are going to introduce you the perfect gift this year, something that has been trending and is wanted all around the world, perfect for many different people because it can be tailored to their taste, and we are talking about sculptures, but not any type of sculpture, Murano Glass ones.

Timeless and grandeur are the two words that can most accurately describe the Murano glass sculptures, and that is because this type of glass art has been perfected with centuries, to be more precise, from the 13th century. This art of creation has been passed down from generation to generation, and today is the heritage of Italy, a premium hand-crafted good that is protected by a Trademark of originality. So, each sculpture is made to be original with a technique that is centuries old, and only known to artisans from the island of Murano (thus the name), which is located near the floating city of Venice.

Being hand-made, and not just mass produced with a machine, each sculpture is one of a kind, whether that being in the design, colors, or contour, there won’t be any sculpture in the world like yours. It’s truly one timeless and magnificent piece of art that can brighten any house, apartment or room. It can be found in many figures and colors, all carrying the spark of creativity from its creator. The true specialty about the Murano Glass sculptures is in the color, received by mixing different minerals into the glass mix, and it’s also common to put some gold or silver particles into the mix to give it a special look.

So, now that you are properly introduced to this unique product, that brings the culture and virtuosity of Italy into your home, we know that you are tempted of buying one for yourself and not just for gifts, and trust us you are not the only one. If you are thinking, who would be the best receiver of this gift, who would cherish it the most, well the answer is easy – almost everyone, and that is because of the variety of shapes of the Murano Glass sculptures, they can be gifted to anyone. So, if you have an uncle that loves traveling, however he wasn’t able because of the unfortunate situation around the world, then he would definitely appreciate a timeless pieces of art coming directly from Italy, Venice. Then, if you have a cousin that is into art, imagine her face when she receives a unique Murano glass head sculpture of one of Picasso’s paintings (one of the best-selling sculptures). Of course, the most obvious one, your mom with her luxury and modern taste, wouldn’t she want a sculpture that screams chic and glamour. And last but definitely not least, you… Why don’t you get yourself a sculpture that you love the most, you definitely deserve it, so if you would like to scroll through all the sculptures, you can do it so at YourMurano.com, which is an official certified online store for Murano glass, carrying the Trademark of Originality.

Let’s get a little bit more in details about all the sculptures, besides the fact that there are hundreds of different ones, our favorite one is the Lovers Sculptures. That is because it can be gifted to anyone you love and it has some kind of special feeling. The representation of true love is achieved through these marvelous handmade sculptures made of original Murano blown glass, two souls that come together and blend in one single body. The graceful lines give delicacy and softness to the figure that conveys the idea of​​ affection that is created in a couple of lovers, also remembered by the heart-shaped base on which it rests. The shades of amber, blue, green, are given by the play of colors thanks to the use of chalcedony glass, obtained by mixing metals of different colors to give the sensation of the presence of precious stones inside the glass. In fact, these techniques make the sculptures a luxury ornament to be placed in any room of the home, giving it a modern and elegant design. This sculptures can of course be gifted to your significant other, boyfriend, girlfriends, or a family member that you are close to. All of the sculptures represent something and will be special to someone that finds a meaning in them, whether in the Abstract figures, all of the animal sculptures, or the art of Picasso.

Sculptures aren’t the only Murano Glass figures, so feel free to scroll down through YourMurano.com and see if any other figure might be a better gift for anyone you know, maybe glassware, vases, or even centerpieces, all created with the different techniques of the Murano glass Italian masters.

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