Things to Do Before Selecting an Indian Wedding Venue

Things to Do Before Selecting an Indian Wedding Venue

Weddings are special. You want your wedding to be special too. Therefore, you should not settle for anything less, especially when it comes to the wedding venue. It should be perfect in every aspect so that you won’t regret the amount that you have paid just to have your wedding there.

For Indian weddings, there are even more details. There are certain practices that are unique to the Indian culture and they all have to be considered when planning for a wedding or when choosing a wedding venue. Here are some tips to ensure that your wedding will be a blast.

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  • Visit the venue first

Never close the deal unless you have seen the place yourself. It might look good in photos, but it might be the opposite in reality. You will also know it if you are satisfied with the place or not. You can only feel it once you are there. If you think the place does not define you or does not make you happy, jump to the next option.

  • Lighting should be perfect

You want the photos to be perfect at the wedding. If you already have a photographer for the wedding, bring him with you when choosing a venue. He will tell you if the place has enough lighting to capture the best moments. There are wedding venues that might be cheap, but might not deliver when it comes to good lighting for photos.

  • Amenities

The place has to be perfect in every aspect. There should be enough space for all the guests. There should also be tables and chairs. There must be parking facilities for all the guests. There must be an area for dancing and other rituals that are done during an Indian wedding. Most of all, the location should be memorable. Your guests should not have a hard time locating the place, either.  

  • Restrictions

You might need to accommodate family from out of town. So knowing that there is accommodation either attached to the venue or nearby is important. Quality of the accommodation also matters as much as the venue. People might me traveling very far for your wedding so the hotel should have the best amenities, rooms, even the best alarm clocks and customer service.

You need to know what is and what is not allowed before booking the place. For instance, if you have guests who smoke and the venue itself is a non-smoking area, there should be a designated place where they can smoke. Check the time limit as well. Indian weddings could go on for hours or even days, so you need to know if the venue can accommodate this. You might also want Indian dishes to be served during the wedding. If the place does not serve these dishes, they should allow you to bring your own caterer.

Create a checklist of what you want, and compile a shortlist of suitable Indian Wedding venues to visit, before making your final decision. Once you have found a place that checks every box, don’t hesitate, book it right away. Don’t wait until the place is no longer available for your wedding day.

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