After a day’s hard work, a bathroom is the best place to unwind and relax in a warm bath with one’s favorite aroma therapy candles. It is arguably one of the most important rooms in a house, and with the right renovations; this private nook can deliver homeowners the perfect spa experience right under their roofs in Grand Rapids. Investing in bathroom renovations can also pay you back should you decide to sell in the future. According to REDFIN, homes in Grand Rapids have been selling for 11.1% more than last year as of July 2023. The flourishing economy and strong community sense have created a strong housing market, making it a good investment opportunity in the country. Bathrooms are a deal breaker or maker when it comes to buying or selling a house, and a good renovation can help raise the price remarkably. So, if you’re convinced to start remodeling your bathrooms, read on for four important things to consider before starting a bathroom renovation.


Whether it’s a minor or major facelift, it’s wise for homeowners to hire professional help as they offer personalized design solutions, quality craftsmanship, and specialized insights taken from years of experience in the remodeling field. Renovation companies apply numerous techniques and strategies that ensure a successful renovation process. Moreover, Grand Rapids’ extreme winter weather is nothing to take lightly. So, if you’ve moved to the city, hiring professional help is essential to understand how you need to renovate your bathroom. There are many local renovation companies that excel in bathroom remodeling in Grand Rapids. These experts help you reimagine your bathrooms as a personal retreat. Here are a few reasons to hire professionals:

  • You can enjoy customized and tailored bathroom upgrades as these professionals understand your aesthetic preferences, budget constraints, and practical needs.
  • You get unmatched craftsmanship as these experts take pride in their top-quality work. From precision tile layering to detailed fixture installations, every feature is well-attended to elevate the look of your bathroom.
  • Efficient planning and meticulous project timelines enable renovation projects to be completed on time.
  • Testimonials and reviews of customers provide valuable insights and help maintain quality control so clients can choose wisely.
  • You can cut down on work and experience hassle-free renovations without running after inspection officers for building permits or getting in touch with local suppliers.
  • You can tap into local Insights: These companies are a part of the local community with a deep and better understanding of the cultural and architectural values of the city.


When designing your bathroom, always keep your personal preferences in mind over the ever-evolving and changing design trends. It’s wise to focus on timeless trend staples and blend them with modern designs and technological innovations to create a functional space that is aesthetically pleasing. Syncing your new design layout with the existing one is a good option to consider in saving extra costs and time. Keep your fixtures in the same place to avoid the extra cost of labor, piping material, and demolition costs that can set you back weeks in the renovation process. Explore and work out smart storage solutions for a clutter-free look. Add elements of nature like indoor plants and stone structures to create a nature-inspired relaxing space. Use good quality materials and pair modern and practical fixtures with neutral color palettes to create a sophisticated charm that will stand the test of time.


Writing up a professional budget plan for your bathroom renovation gives you a realistic picture of the financial costs involved. Start by assessing your current bathroom and write down the fixtures that need to be upgraded or changed. Allocate costs in your budget categorically by getting quotes from various sources. Here are some costs you need to consider.

  • Materials and Fixtures: Tiles, fixtures, lighting, mirrors, wood, paint, tools, and other items should be listed with their prices.
  • Labor Costs: Plumbers, electricians, tile layers, painters, and carpenters have hourly rates that should be multiplied by the hours needed for the renovation work.
  • Accessories and décor: Account for costs of bathroom accessories like towel racks, soap dispensers/dishes, and other décor items.
  • PERMITS AND FEES: Consider building codes and permits in Grand Rapids and ascertain the costs of obtaining them.
  • Hidden Costs: Set aside an amount for unexpected expenses that often accompany renovations

It is important to draw up a budget, but it’s impossible to ascertain the exact costs without professional help. Hiring a renovating company saves time and helps save money spent otherwise on correcting things that may go wrong if you DIY.


Shopping for materials is the most exciting part of a bathroom remodeling journey. Online shopping has facilitated shoppers by bringing commodities from all over the world to the doorstep with its prime shipping and free delivery options. But the experience of shopping at traditional stores is unmatched. The virtual shopping experience pales once you enter a supply store or showroom where you can hold and feel the materials needed. Here are some tips:

  • Stick to the budget: There are endless options to choose from, and a budget helps narrow them down.
  • Research Ideas: Before diving into the retail world, research bathroom renovation inspiration. Check online catalogs and save images of ideas that appeal.
  • Make a Shopping List: Make a shopping list of all the materials needed for the renovation and categorize them to save on shopping time in stores.
  • Local Showrooms and Suppliers: your city might have some amazing home renovation showrooms and home improvement stores where one can get lost in the endless choices at the display. Most of these showrooms and stores may offer great discounts around the year and offer items in clearance that are bargains to be on the lookout for. Choose materials that are easy to clean, sustainable, and durable in the long run. Always compare prices and quality before making a choice.


The decision to get a bathroom remodeled is an important one and should be based on many factors, including the above considerations. A bathroom is a personal space to be enjoyed, but it should be noted that renovations take time, disrupt home routines, and are heavy on the wallet. Consulting with professionals and hiring contractors that have pre-existing designs and plans can help in delivering successful bathroom renovation projects that often exceed client’s expectations. The bathroom renovation experts of Grand Rapids are equipped with a great range of skills that can be used to beautify any bathroom that needs a modern touch.


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