The Rise in Glamping: Why Luxury Camping Is Here to Stay

The Rise in Glamping: Why Luxury Camping Is Here to Stay

It seems like the glamping experience is here to stay. With lockdowns lifting, people desperate for somewhere to go had to opt for a staycation until the travel restrictions lifted, and even as they did, the staycation simply became an addition. Suddenly glamping experiences were the hottest thing again, as people opted to get into nature but give it that little sprinkle of glamour that really makes it an experience.

And there are a lot more benefits to glamping. Take a look at our suggestions to see why glamping is here to stay.

It allows for comfort

Probably the most famed perk of glamping is right there in the name: glamourous camping. It suits people who love the idea of being in nature, going into the woods and all the benefits that come with it, but aren’t willing to entirely forego their shower or bed. That’s a large chunk of us, or glamping wouldn’t still be one of the most common forms of taking a break.

And glamping comes in many shapes and sizes and amongst them the “glamourous” concept has a range. You could end up in a small yurtle with just a more stable and attractive accommodation, or you could end up in the equivalent of an isolated hotel room in a barn or cabin, or even a tree house.

It allows you to be in nature

The main attraction to camping is the fact that you can find yourself in nature – or lose yourself. It’s a staple of holiday break choices for lots of reasons, but the biggest is that it puts you as close as possible to nature. You’re sleeping in it, eating in it, living amongst it.

Glamping allows those of us who love nature but have a healthy appreciation for comfort to indulge both of those ideals. You can indulge in all the hiking, wandering, swimming, biking, and any other activities that attract you to camping, then come home to a comfortable bed.

It makes for a longer break

Even the most hearty of camping enthusiasts would have trouble going camping for more than a couple of nights. It’s a fun weekend activity but not much more. Whereas glamping allows you to stay on your break as long as you wish.

There’s no packing and unpacking of a tent to deal with, or the arguments on how you’re supposed to put it up, and you can enjoy it as much or as little as you want.

It suits any budget

There are so many variations on what makes a glamping expedition that they come in a range that is friendly to any budget. You can stay in a treehouse, a yurt, a tent, a cabin, a barn, and even some extra interesting ideas like a “crashed” plane or a giant Pac Man structure. If it has some structure to it, it can be a shelter.

Glamping experiences can come with a hot tub, a fire pit, a beautiful coastal or lake view that would otherwise cost an arm and a leg per night, and a million other fun extras that you couldn’t even think of.

Or it won’t. If you could do without the bells and whistles and would prefer to simply spend your time in nature, you can omit all those and just enjoy the world.

It can supplement other events

There’s more to the festival lifestyle than getting mud-soaked at Leeds or Reading. There are different festivals happening all over the world at any given moment, especially when the sun comes out. Music festivals, beer festivals, food festivals, and lots of other things you couldn’t even imagine.

But the biggest barrier to these festivals is what to do when the fun’s over. There is the option of simply wandering around and never sleeping, but it’ll make for a crabby experience in the morning. Some people sleep in their cars, and some bring caravans and car homes, but a lot of modern festivals offer glamping structures for the most comfortable, in the thick of it festival experience. Even if the festival itself isn’t offering glamping, you can bet a nearby camping ground probably is.

After a long day of dancing, singing, eating, drinking and everything else a festival has to offer, it’s the most glamourous choice to simply slide into your glamping bed.

It has health benefits

The benefits of camping are numerous. The fact that you are in nature does a lot for your mental health for one thing, then there are the taught survival skills that are inherent to any holiday. But did you know there are a lot of health benefits to glamping too?

For one thing, you’re not losing that experience of being in nature, so you’re likely to gain all the great mental health benefits of literally touching grass, swimming in water, and feeling the breeze on your face. You’re just getting a good night’s sleep at the end of it, which is something glamping has over camping. If you’re someone who isn’t going to sleep comfortably on the floor, you can avoid the negative effects of a lack of sleep by opting for glamping over camping.


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