The Rights Guide for Car Accident Victims

The Rights Guide for Car Accident Victims

Car accidents are becoming familiar with each passing day. Many of these are fatal. At the same time, others leave people severely injured or wounded. The lucky ones get out safely or recover with time and return to their routine.

According to the US Federal Highway Administration, there were around 3400 annual deaths in car accidents. At the same time, the number is much more significant than this for the injured and disabled alone in Florida. Unfortunately, Tampa is the place with the highest number of vehicular crashes in Florida.

Fortunately, as a victim, you have some rights to protect your sense of being. Each state in the USA has various rules set for victims.

This article mentions your rights in Florida for convenience since it is a no-fault state. Let’s cut to the chase and understand the rights to exercise them in times of need.

  • Benefits of a No-Fault State

As we know, Florida is a no-fault state, meaning that regardless of who caused the crash, you are entitled to claim compensation without proving the fault. It is valid for all the provinces of the state.

For instance, if you get into a vehicle crash in Tampa, you can search for a ‘car accident attorney tampa’ to understand the benefits of the no-fault system. It is helpful to talk to the insurer through your lawyer to ensure you get the deserving amount.

It is because the insurance companies try to settle the case at the lowest possible amount; they do not consider the victim’s interest. However, hiring an attorney can be beneficial to exercise your rights with solid intensity.

  • Third-Party Benefits

An auto crash can lead to various injuries; some get minor, while others may be left disabled. In the latter case, you are entitled to third-party benefits for your damages. It means you can claim compensation from the other party that caused you serious injuries.

You can discuss the case with your story to understand how the liable party will be charged for their actions. The lawyers will prepare a case file proving that the injuries are severe and it is causing you to live an off-track life.

Many lawyers also include punitive damage to the immediate family members. The case may vary depending on the severity of the injuries and their impact on the victim’s life.

  • Claim Against the Vehicle Manufacturer

There are cases when the crash may not have been caused because of the driver’s error. It may have happened because the car was defective in some way or the other. In such cases, you can bring the claim against the manufacturer.

You have the right to ask for compensation for your damages, be it medical, property, or loss of wages or punitive & emotional. You may have to confer with a lawyer to file the compensation case. It is suggested to look for a specialized lawyer for your case.

It will ensure that they know the ins and out of the legal laws and can use them to provide you with the maximum benefit.

Bottom Line

We hope you never face such a situation wherein you get involved in a crash. But, god forbid, if you get in one, you must know your rights and claim the compensation as per them.

Discussing your case with an experienced and specialized lawyer can help you get the amount for all your economic and punitive damages, whether in a no-fault state or an at-fault state.


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