The Real Importance Of Getting Your Property Valued

The Real Importance Of Getting Your Property Valued

When homeowners thinking of selling their property, they honestly want to know how much they can get for it and they can to the Internet to get some answers. There are numerous apps online that can offer you valuation tools that they say can give you proper estimation of the value of your home. I suppose it’s a good idea to start there, but if you want a real indication of how much you can sell your property for and to get a realistic price, then you really do need to turn to the people who know exactly what they’re talking about and have been doing this kind of thing for many years. I am talking about real estate agents and it’s hard to beat the personal touch when it comes to property valuation. You can use the online valuations as a kind of estimation, but it isn’t going to give you an accurate and realistic price.

You need to understand the real estate agent will actually visit your property and have a proper look at the house so that you can find out how much your house is worth. They will use their knowledge of the market including current and past sales of properties similar to yours and local knowledge about what the market will bear with regard to price. Using an estate agent to value your home is the most reliable and best way to get a realistic price. The following are just some of the benefits of using a real agent as opposed to using an online application.

It is more accurate – When you turn to your local estate agent to get a valuation of your property, he or she actually physically comes to the location and looks both inside and outside the property. Trying to use an online application to give you a property valuation is a fairly pointless exercise, because it will only be based on other properties that are similar to yours and have been sold in your area. Your home may be in much better shape than these other properties and this will be reflected in the price that the application generates. An estate agent will look at your property from top to bottom and will give you an accurate assessment of what it is worth. These other properties might have fake grass on their property and not a proper lawn. This can also affect the real value of a house.

A realistic price range – When you use online applications to provide you with a rough estimate of what your property is worth, they can sometimes be off by as much as 20%. When you’re talking a property that is worth close to or around $1 million, this is a significant difference. An agent will give you a much more realistic value within 5% in order that you have a better idea of exactly what your property is worth. It is very likely that they sold a similar property such as yours quite recently and they have all of the details with regard to that. To learn more about property valuations, have a look here.

It is crucial that you get a proper valuation of your property if it is your intention to sell it soon. Even a price that is only a little bit out could end up costing you thousands of dollars.

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