The Best Myths About Gender Selection New York Has To Offer

The Best Myths About Gender Selection New York Has To Offer


Over the last few years we have seen a lot of publicity regarding some of the services in relation to gender selection New York has to offer. In other words, we finally seem to have progressed science in this regard, and potential parents around the world now can have their say on whether or not their child is going to be male or female.

Let’s not get too drawn into the morals about this. There are certainly some strong views, but on the flip side there are a lot of very good reasons why people opt for gender selection.

Instead, today’s post is going to concentrate about the “other side” of gender selection. In other words, the side that has always existed – the way in which humans, without the aid of scientists, can supposedly influence the sex of a child.

Suffice to say, there are plenty of myths about this, and we will now take a look at some of the best ones

Frequency of sex

This is probably the main myth that surrounds gender selection and revolves around how much you and your partner engage in sexual intercourse. One expert suggested that those couples aiming for a girl should have sex more frequently than those who wanted a boy. In relation to the latter, the general advice was that they should abstain for five days before trying for a boy – as the lower sperm count should help with this process.

It should probably go without saying at this point that this is a complete and utter myth. The only advice in relation to sex frequency is to engage in intercourse as much as possible when trying to conceive. However, this will not impact the sex of the baby.

Sex around ovulation

This myth has been around for almost sixty years, with the premise being that those couples who wanted a boy should have sex on the day of ovulation, while those aiming for a girl should try and conceive several days before. This was all related to the “speed” in which sperm swim, with Y-sperm said to be faster swimmers with lower stamina, while X had the opposite.

Again, there’s absolutely no truth in this myth. Sure, there are differences between Y and X sperm, but nothing has ever been verified in relation to the speed of them.

The sex position suggestion

Following on from the previous two myths that we have looked at, it probably won’t come as a surprise to read that the position you engage in for sex is also said to be another factor that can influence gender.

Some say that the missionary position is good to conceive girls, while standing up can promote the chances of having a boy. As it turns out, neither is true – at least there is absolutely no evidence behind either, and one would have to imagine that there never will be any studies of this regard as well.

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