The Benefits of Attic Insulation

The Benefits of Attic Insulation

If you’re contemplating investing in insulation for your attic, CBI Tulsa can help to discover some of the key benefits of attic insulation. As while having insulation placed into your attic may seem like a huge outlay, the benefits of having insulation fitted into your attic are well worth the installation cost, which you can expect to pay!

The Benefits of Attic Insulation:

1. Your home will be warmer during the long, cold winter

If you find it difficult or expensive to keep your home warm during the long, cold winter months it’s well worth paying for attic insulation, which will prevent warm air from escaping through your home’s roof.

After all, if you use a heat pump, fireplace or heaters to heat up your home

during winter, you’ll have to keep your fireplace burning or your heaters and heat pump on for hours on end to keep your home warm, if hot air is constantly escaping through your home’s roof.

However, if you have insulation in your attic, you’ll be able to turn your heater or heat pump off after you’ve heated your home for an hour as your home will retain the heat which is trapped inside your home. Which will help you reduce your monthly energy bills by a significant amount.

2. You’ll be able to use your attic as a safe, storage space

If your attic has not been fitted with insulation, it may be a cold or damp space, which you won’t be able to use to store excess items. As you don’t want your clothes or furniture or family heirlooms to become damp and moldy. As you’ll have to throw them out, instead if your attic boasts adequate insulation, you’ll be able to use your attic as a large, storage space.

3. You might be able to turn your attic into a handy spare room

If your attic boasts insulation and offers a safe, dry environment you may want to consider transforming your once empty attic into a spare room. As an example, if you enjoy entertaining your family and friends you may want to turn your attic into a guest bedroom, while if you’re interested in creating a home office, you might want to turn your old attic into a private home office.

4. You’re far less likely to get sick if your attic boasts insulation

If your attic lacks insulation and is damp and moldy, you’ll severely increase your chances of becoming sick or developing a long term respiratory condition. So if you want to decrease your family’s chances of becoming ill as a direct result of a damp, cold house, it’s well worth paying to have professionals install insulation into your attic!

So if you’re been considering having insulation placed in your attic, it’s definitely well worth the investment. Especially if you’d love to decrease your energy bill, decrease your chances of getting sick and free up valuable storage space in your home.

If you’d love to use your attic as an extra guest bedroom, it’s also well worth considering getting insulation placed in your attic!

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