The 5 Top Solution Solves to Life Hack Your Way to Happiness

The 5 Top Solution Solves to Life Hack Your Way to Happiness

Happiness comes from problem solves. For each person, happiness is a work in progress. It isn’t ready-made, or easily sustainable, unless your own solution solves generate these highly regarded feelings.

Amazingly, there are solutions which work to turn the want, into a reality, for anyone who is willing to step up and take charge of their feelings. With a little assist from scientific research, plus the courage to make changes in your behavior, happiness can flourish and become your healthy reality.

Exploring Five Life Hacks to Happiness

  • Avoid Digital Overload

Smartphones, laptops, tablets, and computers are the instant resources necessary for a multitude of connections, you make, at work and during down time. Research has shown that the average usage is at least 11 hours per day. The constant stream of information from numerous, 24/7, hour platforms, can lead to digital overload.

The human brain needs a break, and when stressed, it generates tension, anxiety, depression, headaches, an inability to make decisions, and a lack of focus. This is digital overload. You are also missing the human connection to others that every human requires.

To be happy, there must be a balance in your life. Determining your usage in healthy ways includes:

  • Plan your social media and news updates, don’t doom scroll endlessly.
  • Prioritize time spent with friends and family.
  • Take frequent breaks, and make time for other activities that involve movement, and play.
  • Create “Tech Free” zones in your home space to be more authentic and practice your “happiness” attainment skills.

Striking a healthy balance between techie-screen-time, and real-world activities, allows you to attain the benefits of the digital world, and your own health and wellbeing.

  • Volunteering – the Core for Being Human

Working long hours is exhausting, and it can affect your level of happiness. Making the time to volunteer in your community, to help improve the health and daily lives of others, lifts them up, and rewards you with a lifetime of benefits.

You choose the amount of time to give and focus on giving to the causes that touch your heart. Your interest and actions will propel the organizations you assist with others, to be improved, by this act of self-less kindness.

Volunteering gives back by improving social skills, increasing self-worth, releasing endorphins which stimulate happiness, reducing stress and anxiety, and boosting the feeling of immense pleasure that celebrates humanness, on a very personal level.

Getting there is vital when volunteering. Be safe, drive cautiously, and make sure your coverage is complete. Freeway Insurance can offer a plan that works for every driver. Give them a call and stay road ready for yourself, and others.

  • No Nikes? That’s OK, Just Do It. Physical Exercise

Exercise is an enormous mood improver. According to the Mayo Clinic, it offers a plethora of benefits which enhance almost every aspect of living a happy life. Your time crunch may be inflexible, but finding 20-30 minutes, several times a week, according to the Mayo Clinic, increases your blood flow, and dramatically enhances your mood.

No need for the gym, stay social distanced, but walk, take the stairs, use an exercise app., anywhere, to get the good cholesterol flowing, avoid diseases, live longer, and make it a fun time. If your glasses fog up while walking or being active:

  • Make sure your mask fits correctly and snugly at the nose and chin.
  • Rest your glasses over the top of your mask.
  • Rinse the lenses with a defogging solution that is pH-balanced for no smearing, or a warm soapy water solution, applied, then dried, leaves a film that will not allow moisture to form.

When you exercise you sleep better and feel invigorated. You are now taking a pro-active step toward achieving happiness, by stimulating brain cells to produce feel good hormones. Your physical appearance, and energy level will improve, and your good moods will last, and be contagious in good ways.

  • Learning – Getting in the Zone

Learning is the core of the human mind-set for psychological well-being, according to psychologists, today. Learning as an adult, and being more receptive to new, enhancing thought; stirs curiosity, and creativity, which then promotes greater accomplishments, self-sufficiency, and self-efficacy.

The feeling of truly being in the “the zone” of your life, is a true springboard for sustained smile time. Online classes are free, varied, and can be fit into any schedule. Learning, as often as possible, keeps your focus on the now of your life, and your intellectual progress, continually supports the enhancement of happiness.

  • Be a Pet Person

The absolute best therapist for sustaining your happiness, has 4 feet and a fur coat. Being the super-hero of a dog or cat, allows you to feel unconditional love on a level, rarely experienced in life. Their unbridled enthusiasm for seeing you, sharing your space, the loyalty displayed, layered with licks, and snuggles, is impossible to ignore,

Returning the affection, with care and kindness, grows your capability to expand those feelings to others in your life. Research has shown that the simple act of petting, releases mood enhancing cortisol, instantaneously. Recovery from stress quickens with pets more than partners. Being “the one” in their life, is a priceless gift for both of you.

Science has proven that you have the power to make life changes, and embrace the happiness you seek, daily. Put on your most natural smile, even if it is behind a mask for now, and follow these solutions and hacks to sustained happiness.


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