Reasons To Service Boilers Annually

Reasons To Service Boilers Annually

Boilers are highly used in the UK. They are usually used to provide hot water in the kitchen or bathroom. Although it’s mandatory to service a boiler annually in the UK, there is still a large percentage of homeowners who ignore this requirement. Many of them believe that boilers ought to be serviced when faulty. Why then should you call an engineer to service your combi boiler when it’s functioning normally? Here are some of the reasons why you should take servicing seriously.


Your family’s safety should be your first priority. Although your boiler may be working properly, it’s best to prevent any chances of gas leaking. If not serviced, boilers may leak carbon monoxide, which is harmful to your health. When called, an engineer will inspect the gas boiler to ensure that everything is okay.

Reduces fuel bills

Boilers use fuel to heat water. There is a certain amount of energy a boiler consumes to work perfectly. However, a faulty condensing boiler is likely to consume more energy than expected. If you’ve been receiving abnormally high fuel bills, it’s likely that your boiler is faulty. You need assistance from professional engineers like to service it properly.

To keep the warranty active

A reliable boiler supplier will provide you with a warranty on their products. However, the warranty is active only when the boiler is serviced at least every 12 months. In case of damage, the supplier will check how you’ve been servicing your boiler. Make it a habit, therefore, to service your boiler every year.

Extends boiler lifespan

Most boiler types are durable. However, their lifespan really depends on how frequently they are serviced. It’s normal for machines to lower their performance rate over a period of time. However, they regain performance after servicing.

To comply with the law

If you are a landlord, your tenant’s safety is your responsibility. You are liable for any damage that may be caused by gas boilers. This is the reason why landlords are required by law to annually service their boilers. Once serviced, a professional engineer will provide you with proof of servicing.

Saves you from repair costs

If not serviced, boilers are likely to leak or break down. Repairing a faulty boiler is costly. It is much cheaper to service your boiler than pay for repair services. In fact, not servicing your boiler may result in damage beyond repair. Why should you spend a lot of cash replacing your boiler when you can save by servicing it annually?

Although most people service their boilers to comply with the law, this exercise benefits you and your family. For landlords, boiler servicing protects you from accident-related lawsuits. Make sure that you hire licensed professionals for the best boiler servicing. Keep your family safe from carbon monoxide leakage by ensuring that all boilers and other gas appliances in your home are serviced annually.

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