Random Acts Of Kindness To Make Someone Smile

Random Acts Of Kindness To Make Someone Smile

These times can be lonely and difficult, particularly for those who are living alone or do not like their living situation. As a result of feeling lonely and isolated, people’s mental health can really plummet, causing them to feel worse. Something that we would all benefit from during lockdown is a random act of kindness once in a while – whether you are the giver or receiver. When a friend or a family member is feeling down, you can easily feel hopeless and not know how to boost their mood, but you would be surprised at how a small act can go such a long way. Here are some random acts of kindness that will definitely make someone smile.

Buy Them a Pair of Funny Socks

Giving someone a bit of a laugh is a great way to make them feel better and a simple way you could do this would be by buying them a funny gift, such as a pair of funny socks. This is an inexpensive gift but if someone knows that you have been thinking of them and wanted to make them laugh then this will mean the world. While going about their daily activities, they can wear the socks and it will brighten their mood a bit each time they look down. Whether you are buying something for a friend, a family member or a partner, there are so many different pairs of socks that have funny or relatable slogans on them.

Send Them A Cute Note

A sweet note is one of the most personal things you can do to someone and it is pretty much free to do this. Whether this is someone you live with and you want to leave it in their bedroom, someone living nearby whose letter box you can post it through, or someone a bit further way who you can send it to via mail, this is an amazing act of kindness to do for anyone. The note could be a letter, a poem, a funny joke or even just a list of reasons why you think they are great. This is the type of thing that someone would definitely keep forever and cherish.

Bake Them A Cake

Everyone loves cake and they don’t just have to be for birthdays – having a sweet treat is a great way to cheer someone up, so why not make a cake for a family member or a friend as a little act of kindness? This is a fun activity to do and the time you spend making it will help them feel so appreciated. If you have artistic skill, you could even decorate the cake and write a sweet message on it.

Acts of kindness are small and silly things that make the world a better place. Sometimes, it is the little things in life that mean the most – you never have to spend hundreds of pounds on a gift, often the little things that are really personal are the ones remembered forever.


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