Quick and Simple Garden Maintenance Tips

Quick and Simple Garden Maintenance Tips

I think most people can agree that we all want to spend the most time in our gardens relaxing and having fun opposed to spending endless hours maintaining our garden, therefore this article will help to give you hints and tricks on how to do quick and simple garden maintenance and what types of items are ideal to purchase that are durable and long lasting.

Invest in artificial grass

If you are not in to the constant upkeep and maintenance of natural grass, then it is a good idea to consider purchasing artificial grass as it is zero maintenance and it means you will have more time to spend enjoying your garden opposed to spending most of your time trying to keep natural grass watered and tidy. Furthermore, there is no need to worry about whether your artificial grass looks real or not as good quality artificial grass looks extremely natural.

Pressure wash garden items

If you leave garden furniture outside, it will most likely get dirty because of the weather and outside dirt. In order to keep your furniture pristine, it is a good idea to use a pressure washer to quickly and easily clean your items. It is also a good idea to invest in garden furniture which is durable and that is not likely to weather as a result of the harsh winters we face. Wooden furniture is a popular choice of outdoor furniture as wood can last for years and solid wood is extremely durable.

If you paint your fences, use long lasting paint

When your fences have been painted, they can look fresh and rejuvenated, however it is important to use paint which is durable and won’t chip or wear away easily. It is also important to consider the colour of paint you want to use on your fences, as you will most likely not be painting your fences regularly, so it needs to be a colour which you can tolerate for a long time.

Try a different method to watering

Lugging weighty watering cans up and down your garden must be no fun. The biggest culprits are containers and hanging baskets, which need watering every day in hot weather. Cut down the number of pots you have and move them into a cooler, more shaded spot in summer. Add watering crystals and slices to pots when planting. These absorb some water in the soil, releasing it when the soil starts to dry out. You can also place pots together in a tray filled with a couple of inches of water and simply top up the tray, rather than individual pots. If you do want to grow plants in containers, choose the largest pots possible. They can hold more soil and water, making them lower maintenance. To really save time watering, link pots up to an automatic watering system on a timer. You can also run a seep hose through beds and borders, this is ideal for the veg plot. These systems work most efficiently on a night, as the heat of the day causes much of the water to evaporate before reaching the plant.

Avoid high maintenance plants

We all dream of impractical relatively high maintenance plants, but the truth is that they do not grow well within our gardens. Even a professional gardener with endless hours to spend would struggle to make plants thrive in conditions they are unnatural to them. Time spent on tender, needy plants into flower is frustrating and often wasted. Be sensible with your plant choices and get rid of varieties that don’t like your site or soil. If you have dry soil, remove surface-rooting annuals and replace with drought tolerant geraniums and meadow flowers. You may also decide to get rid of delicate plants that need staking, like delphiniums. Add alliums and climbers up wigwams instead.


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