Popular Kitchen Cabinets Right Now

Popular Kitchen Cabinets Right Now

Cabinets are one of the biggest priorities when you remodel your kitchen. You will need to choose the style and colors carefully, as this update will be part of your home for years to come. Let’s take a look at ten popular kitchen cabinets today.


In general, white cabinets have dominated kitchen remodels. Gray versions are a close second. These colors both offer neutrality, and remodelers can do a lot with these colors. A newcomer to the scene that provides a similar canvas is blue. It is trending now because people see the potential of a neutral canvas while adding liveliness to the kitchen that white or gray does not.


Shaker cabinets are kitchen staples, and they have been fixtures in many designs of kitchens for years, and that is unlikely to change soon. Their versatility, superior construction, and simple lines mean they can work in any kitchen. To find a high-quality Shaker cabinet, go with only reputable sites like Walcraft Cabinetry (https://walcraftcabinetry.com) and others like it.


White cabinetry is still number one on remodelers’ lists. The brightness and airiness that white cabinets bring to the room is prized by many updaters. No matter if you are designing a farmhouse, beach cottage, or a more contemporary style, white cabinets can provide the flexibility you seek.


Transitional cabinets span traditional and modern styles. A transitional kitchen cabinet can be a timeless cabinet with sleek, modern hardware, or it may be a matching of a modern piece with a more traditional cabinet. Transitional cabinets let remodelers keep their trusted classic look while modernizing their kitchen at the same time.


Gray cabinets are trending, too. While white cabinets may seem sterile to some, gray is a nice balance of neutrality and warmth that many people want. There are many shades of the color, letting designers get creative in how they match cabinets with appliances and backsplashes.

Slab Cabinet Doors

Slab cabinet doors are best for today’s ultra-modern kitchen. They are sleek and subtle, often without visible handles or knobs. Many younger homeowners prefer slab cabinet doors, and that pattern may continue into the near future. If you are looking for a stylish, minimalist look, these are the option for you.

Natural Wood

As people see the need for environmental protection and connecting with nature, kitchens are beginning to utilize the natural world into the design. Not only do natural hardwood cabinets work well with many different layouts, but the sustainable materials used are also appealing to eco-conscious consumers.


Many kitchens are bringing in glossy cabinetry for their sleek and shiny look. Glossy cabinets are best for contemporary styles, for that subtle sophisticated feel.

Kitchen Islands are Changing

Kitchen islands are undergoing major changes and now are becoming more functional than ever before. Islands are larger, with extra legroom, built-in appliances, and even storage space.


The surfaces of matte cabinets are unique, and many DIY remodelers like to finish their pieces this way. Matte versions can fit well with multiple designs, as well.


There are many styles of kitchen cabinets to choose from, with a blend of ultra-modern cabinets and classics on the market. These ten ideas can get you on your way to the perfect remodel.


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