Perfect Guide to Buying Modern Jute Rugs

Perfect Guide to Buying Modern Jute Rugs

These days there are all sorts of owners who prefer to create a more sustainable and ecological space for themselves within their house. The need to harmonize the environmental factors has had a bearing on the interior designing aspect too. Therefore, homeowners looking to modernize their home spaces with a splash of natural beauty tend to prefer jute rugs. Jute rugs are as appealing in aesthetic charm as in durability and longevity of usage. Since these rugs are sourced completely from plant products, they make for excellent eco-friendly home décor items. It is due to these factors that Jute Rugs have become an extremely popular choice today!

How Are Jute Rugs Made?

Jute rugs are sourced from the fibers that are made from the jute plant. This plant is especially found in the Southeast Asian nations and is grown as a cash crop for its commercial viability. The fabric is widely acclaimed as one of the most durable fabrics leading to versatile usage. Its longevity of use is articulated in the range of different products such as burlap fabric, ropes, and rugs of various shapes and sizes.

Why Should You Buy A Jute Rug?

By understanding what a jute rug is, customers can gain an idea about the various features of the rug, such as –

Soft Fabric Despite being one of the most durable fabrics, jute is inherently an extremely soft fabric. It is widely known as one of the plushest natural fabrics in the world and is softer than even sisal. This makes it the perfect option for rooms where you can roam around barefoot.

Aesthetic Charm

The primary reason why most people buy jute rugs is that it gives off an extremely organic and yet exotic look to any room. For those who prefer being a little closer to nature and want their home spaces to reflect that ambiance, jute rugs are the best choice.

Sports Different Shades

Though the fabric itself has an earthy brown color, it can be dyed and is consequently available in myriad different shades and hues. This means that jute rugs can easily complement your house’s theme and add a unique vista to it. Be it the earthy tones or the pop of bolder shades and even patterns, there is a jute rug for every shade, space, and size.

Thick and Cozy

If you have a kid or a pet that usually prefers to lie down and roll around all day, then jute rugs can be a perfect choice. The rug is thick and cozy, and so you can easily lie down and lounge on its soft and thick surface. Therefore, whether you are playing or watching TV, jute rugs are the best option for you to laze a bit and lounge on it.

Apart from the obvious merits, jute rugs are rather easy to maintain, if only you are vigilant and particular about cleanliness. A simple vacuum and an occasional dry wash are enough to sustain a jute rug and keep it as good as new for years.

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