Must Visit Historical Sites in Georgia

Must Visit Historical Sites in Georgia

Walking through the streets of Georgia seems like walking in the lanes of history. The place has witnessed numerous epic events and it has made its historical background so rich. It is not difficult to find historical sites to visit in Georgia, but one must choose the topmost places for their trip. However, first, you should book Georgia Tour Package from a known website to avail the best deals and explore the best of the country.

Here is a list of a few historical sites that you must visit on your trip to Georgia.

Jackson old fort

The first site that is important from the historical point of view in Georgia is old Fort Jackson located in the historical city of Savannah. This place is really good to start your trip. The special thing about this place is that it is the oldest standing monument in the state. This fort has played a great role in protecting the city from the war in 1812 as it is situated on the banks of river Savannah. You will meet a guide in the traditional wear of that time. It is always advisable to hire a guide for this place as he will tell you all the stories about this place you may not know nor will know.

Gold museum state, Dahlonega

California is the place that comes in the mind of almost everyone whenever we talk about the American gold rush movement, but few of us know that Georgia had its own gold rush. It is said that the movement in the nation started from Georgia itself and this caused the shifting of the tribes that considered this place their home. You can get all the historical information about the movement from the located in Lumpkin County Courthouse.

McAllister state park

This state park is popular for the remains that have been preserved from the civil war. These remains are on the walls and monuments of that time. Along with that, this area is known for the beautiful oak plantation all around. Since this is a historical site; various programs are organized for the visitors on the topics such as the life of soldiers, crafts, weaponry and many more. This is not just a historical site, but also perfect for camps and picnic. Various activities that you can do here are fishing, boating etc.

Jefferson Davis Memorial

President of Confederacy, Jefferson Davis was one of the popular faces of American civil war. This history is made in the memory of Davis. When you will come here, you will get to visit a museum, which is located at the place where Davis got captured by the Union army in the year 1865. This historical site is stretched in an area of 13 acres and consists of a museum and several other things. Some of the other places close to this site that one can visit are Flint Aquarium, blue and gray museum, crime and punishment museum, etc.

So these are a few of the historical places one must visit on their trip to Georgia to witness the unparalleled beauty and the time of glory it is bathed into.

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