Lighting Options For Your New Home

When you look at prefabricated homes and rented apartments and condominiums, having fixed lighting is already a given. The lights are designed in a way to fully illuminate the space and give the layout and décor of the area a fresh (and often expensive) look. The design of lights is done in mind with a certain demographic and lifestyle which means that sometimes the setup does not suit you. For temporary homes, this may be a non-issue, but for those who are looking to settle down, it might be time to check if your lights properly give you what you need.

It isn’t just about changing your lightbulbs, but perhaps looking into other fixtures that may be essential to your work and lifestyle. You may opt to look at LED downlights UK suppliers offer, to browse alternate lighting options.

The Look

Dimmers are often used to set the ambience of a space and are quite popular in living rooms, bedrooms, and for kitchen islands. The lighting in the kitchen is one of the most important rooms to consider as it plays a big role in providing light and can change the look of your kitchen significantly with just a few tips and tricks. Dimmers work with a variety of styles such as mid-century modern, retro, and rustic. They also appeal to masculine and feminine looks.

They are helpful for hosting parties and meetings, but for everyday home life, they might not seem practical. If you have poor eyesight, prefer stronger lights, or simply dislike hanging fixtures and prefer simple designs, dimmers and incandescent lights might not be for you. Making the change allows you to have a more cohesive interior design overall and while it might not be apparent to you at first, it does give off a different kind of satisfaction when you see your complete vision before you.

On the other hand, if your home is less of a workspace and more of an area where you can relax and entertain or if your style is a little bit more luxurious, by all means, LED downlights can be a good investment. Besides creating a calm atmosphere for the homeowner, they are also inviting to guests. They provide good lighting for group photographs as well.

The Purpose

Besides considering the look of your home to match your personal taste, change the lights according to their use. There is a reason why the kitchen has stronger white light compared to the bedroom. Besides setting the ambience, lighting options are designed to cater to how an individual uses the space. Soft lights in the bedroom are for those who cannot sleep in the dark or those who do not want to disturb roommates when you have different daily schedules.

For common areas like the ones mentioned, you might not find a need to change the lighting options, but in more ambiguous spaces such as a study room/office or a nursery for a baby—it depends on your lifestyle.

Do not be bound and set by what you are given. If you find your ‘forever’ home, make it yours in every way possible.


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