Is reading a book a thing of the past?

Is reading a book a thing of the past?

Is reading a book a thing of the past? While in the past decades it would be commonplace to find individuals reading books in the park or on public transport, in today’s technology obsessed world, it may seem like reading a book has become a thing of the past. To discover whether there is still a time and place for reading books, simply continue reading to read a few stats which you may find surprising. As you’ll be able to discover a few stats from a recent survey on book readership in the digital age.

While 20 years ago, it was common for individuals to read a book during their lunch time, these days only 1.7% of survey respondents revealed that they like to read during their lunch breaks. A sign of the times as it’s far more common for individuals to spend their lunchtimes buried in their smartphone, checking their social media feeds.

However, if you want a break from the world of social media, it may be worth packing a book, when you head off to work, in order to quickly escape to another world, during your lunch break.

A large percentage of individuals still enjoy reading books in bed:

You may assume that the percentage of individuals who still read books in bed is rather small. However, in reality 40.7 % of survey respondents admitted that they still brought books to read in bed. One of the best times to read a book in bed, is when it’s raining as you’ll be able to explore new worlds, in a cozy, warm bed.

Most people enjoy reading at night:

The most common time to read a book is at night. As 37.8% of the survey’s respondents chose reading at night as their favorite time to relax with a good book. One reason why so many individuals may still enjoy reading before bed time is to switch off from their busy days and to quiet their minds, in order to fall asleep quickly.

22% of survey respondents admitted that they purchase books as decorations:

You may be shocked to learn that 22% of survey respondents admitted they purchase books to display around their home. That they have no intention of reading. For an example, some individuals pick impressive books, which will make them look intelligent and wise to display in their home. So that when their family members, work colleagues and friends visit their home, they’ll be suitably impressed.

Most individuals still enjoy reading books on vacation:

While less individuals read books on a day to day basis, it’s still a popular choice for individuals to purchase new books to read on vacation. So you’ll still be likely to see individuals reading books poolside or on the beach, when you travel overseas or to another city.

So while reading books may be a less popular pastime, reading itself is not a thing of the past and there are still a healthy number of individuals who enjoy reading on a regular basis!

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