Is It Convenient To Use Natural Hair Wigs?

Is It Convenient To Use Natural Hair Wigs?

Only those who have suffered from baldness problems will understand the difficult choices we face. Medical treatments, alternative remedies, dozens of trials and errors. Sometimes there is so much to choose from that we are overwhelmed by the possibility of making a mistake.

Information overload can work against you, which is why we have brought together in this article two of the most popular solutions against baldness: natural hair wigs and hair transplants. Each of these options is recommended for a particular group of patients, with a cost and a series of care that we will evaluate below.

How are the wigs with natural hair?

As the name suggests, a human hair wig uses real hair instead of synthetic strands. This once grew in the hair follicle of someone else’s scalp, for which it must go through an entire men’s hair pieces manufacturersprocess, with sterilization being a fundamental step.

To make a wig, hair from 3 different people is generally required, which is carefully selected so that the result looks uniform and natural. After sterilization, its color can be maintained or the hair can go through a process of depigmentation and coloration.

Some of the wigs can be custom designed for the patient, while others are standardized and details are added to adapt it, such as sections with non-slip materials or elements to make it more breathable. So yes, there is a perfect wig for every need!

Wigs with natural hair are usually found in specialized stores. However, there are also online stores, which offer them in different sizes and wigs with special characteristics. Prices today are above 150 euros if you are looking for a quality product.

Usefulness and care of wigs with natural hair

The use of these wigs is one of the best alternatives for certain types of alopecia. When baldness is temporary, for example as a result of chemotherapy or some special treatment, or when the doctor knows that the fall will soon be reversed, in the case of telogen effluvium, it can be a quick and aesthetically appropriate solution.

Wigs and hair prostheses are also often recommended in certain situations where other alternatives do not work and the transplant is not effective.

How to care for my real hair wig?

Now, to use one of bespoke hair piece you must follow some guidelines for good care. Otherwise, you could lose the investment in a short time.

Here are some of the most important tips:

  • Use suitable products for cleaning, preferably with natural ingredients
  • Do not rub the hair when washing it. Distribute the shampoo with a comb or your fingers
  • Buy a cork head and place your wig on it when not in use so the base won’t warp

Not all human hair wigs can be dyed. Ask before doing it, and carry out the procedure with experts in the area

Avoid wetting them with pool or sea water

Avoid very long exposure to the sun and wear caps or hats if you are going to spend a lot of time in sunny places

Avoid using hairspray and similar products, as they tend to damage the hair

Even if you follow all of these recommendations, you may see the quality of your hair deteriorate over the months. It will gradually lose its original shine and shape, and it is very likely that it will also lose hair and decrease its density.

There are some vendors that offer French lace hair toupee filling and maintenance services to their wigs to extend their durability. Be sure to ask before making your purchase.

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