How to Use Fake Grass to Transform Your Garden

How to Use Fake Grass to Transform Your Garden

Are you fed up of having a patchy garden that gets you stuck-in-the-mud? Nowadays, people are switching to fake grass to create a space they love with little maintenance. It’s durable, vibrant and pet-friendly. There are plenty of ways you can transform your garden that’ll keep you happy whatever the weather!

Create an Open-Planned Space

Having a gorgeously green open space isn’t only easy on the eyes, but it’s ideal for any occasion. The minimalistic, open-plan garden is simple to create using artificial grass. This garden transformation is very ‘in’ right now, no matter how big your garden is. Also, it’s no-hassle all year round.

Have a Safe Place to Play

Transforming your garden into an even, safe space means that you can play on it all day long! Artificial grass can endure swing sets, slippery slides and any play equipment to keep the kids happy. For the adults, you won’t need to worry about the equipment sinking into the ground as the days of play go by. Gone are the days of grass stains and hayfever!

Of course, your furry friends can run about as much as they like too. Using fake grass means your pets can enjoy the garden without getting their paws muddy. Not only does this create a safe place to play, but it means you won’t have any dirty paw prints messing up your house either.

Own a Feature Wall

Do you love taking photos in natural light? Using fake grass as a feature wall is a perfect area for snapping all your pictures. It would look neat and modern against your garden. You’ll have family and friends posing in front of it for memories that will last forever. You could even jazz it up with some fairy lights to make your garden shine.

Build a Raised Area

If you want a modern, aesthetically-pleasing garden, why not build a raised area? Having raised beds of fresh flowers, shrubbery and plant pots above the fake grass creates a stunning space. Not only this, but it actually makes your garden look bigger. The variation of height means you’ll fit more luscious colours into your garden without it being over-crowded. If you want to stick to a theme, such as rustic or light, you can use stone or wood to build your flower beds.

If you daydream of wining and dining in the summer sunshine, you can build a decking area. It’ll transform your garden by giving you a signature space for tables and chairs. Having decking creates a social space, and will look stunning above the green grass. Just get used to hosting all the garden parties!

Use Pathways and Stepping Stones

Why not create pathways to travel across your garden in style? A wonderful aspect of fake grass is that it doesn’t tear up under stepping stones or make them unbalanced over time. If you place the grass around a pathway, it won’t grow and overlap the tiles either. You’ll spend less time maintaining your garden and more time enjoying it all through the year!

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