How to stay connected with friends while living in a foreign country?

How to stay connected with friends while living in a foreign country?

Oftentimes, people have to move to another city, state, or country to pursue their passion, education, or job. The good part is they have the opportunity to build their lives their way. However, the downside here is that they have to leave their friends and family behind.

Nevertheless, gone are the days when we had little technology to stay in touch with loved ones. Today, we have access to messaging, video calls, movie screenings, and more to maintain long-distance relationships with our near and dear ones.

So, why wait? Let’s dig in to find unique ways to stay in touch with our closest people. Do not let distance create borders in our relations; instead, take the lead and break the barriers.

  • Set a virtual happy hour time

Living in different states makes it difficult to catch up now and then. However, you can use the video apps to get together in the evening and have happy hours. You can use video applications such as facetime to connect with them.

It is suggested to keep the timezone difference in mind before setting up the time. Many times, you may not be able to connect with your loved ones due to technical errors. In such cases, you can fix facetime using basic tactics like checking for internet speed, iPhone or mac system updates, and more.

During these happy hours, you can discuss your day, share your achievements, and discuss stressful things. Moreover, to make it exciting, you can have a coffee date some days. On other days, you may want to speak with your loved ones while running errands like buying groceries.

  • Start a book club

When you are in different cities, you’ve to get creative to keep the spark alive in each relationship, whether it’s friends, family, or your partner. So, one of the unique ways is to start a book club wherein you have to choose a book and give everyone 15 days or a month to read it.

Next, you can schedule video days to discuss the book and how it unfolds various emotions among people. Choosing a more divisive niche is recommended to witness the heated and hilarious debates unfold.

If video calls are not possible, you can also use regular calls, emails, and WhatsApp messaging to share your thoughts. Another way is to keep it until you all go on a trip and have fun with the novel’s unfolding ideas and lessons.

  • Old School things; snail mail

While technology helps you stay connected with your friends from afar easily, you can also use the old-school way of sending each other letters describing how your life is going. It can be an additional thing to do while keeping up with the application.

No matter what we say, the real essence of love is in expressing emotions. People love receiving letters and postcards containing information or maybe just a reminder that they matter. Everyone must do it often.

Bottom line

Sharing your recipes and cooking together is one good way to rekindle old times. You can use plenty of ideas to keep the connections alive and going. Ensure that all your devices are functioning fine to reduce errors or misconnections.



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