How to Select the Best Swimwear for the Top 3 Body Types

How to Select the Best Swimwear for the Top 3 Body Types

Wearing a swimsuit can be daunting for most women, especially if they don’t have a well-proportioned body. No other garment requires so much consideration and preparation. Many women will even go as far as to go on a flab-reducing exercise to have an awesome body. Of course, the most important factor in a woman’s confidence level on the beach is the actual swimwear. It comes in a variety of styles and designs that can either break or make your look. Fortunately, one option is shaping swimwear designed to flatter any body type.

For large-chested ladies

If you are big at the top, you got it, girl, since you have the assets and you want to flaunt them! But steer clear from plunging necklines or too skimpy styles that reveal too much. You want people giving you second looks and not ogling you.

The problem with being large on the top is that it also tends to make you look hefty. Look for swimsuits that give sufficient support and lift to give you a younger, slimmer looking silhouette. Your best bet is a style that utilizes an underwire to control sags. Shaping swimwear also gives you an instant lift where it matters, and you will end up looking slim and sleek.

Avoid tube tops and bandeau styles since these are highly unflattering for your body type, won’t give you enough coverage, and might even slip off. Bikinis are fine, but choose a top with thick straps or something with a halter neck design that offers a secure fit rather than a string bikini.

If you are more concerned about downplaying your ample chest rather than flaunting it, a high neck swimsuit cut at the shoulders is flattering and achieves your goal.

For petite small-breasted women

Are you less ample in terms of chest size? Don’t feel down because there are tons of options for you compared to your curvier counterparts. Since you are likely to be on the skinny side, you can get away with just about any swimsuit style on the rack. Go ahead and put on what catches your eye, whether it be a string bikini, one-piece, or tankini.

The features you need to be looking for when selecting a swimsuit are design factors that add some glamour to your physique. Aside from push-up paddings, elements such as ruffles are fun and an interesting way to give an illusion of a couple of inches to areas where you need them.

Ladies with tummy issues

Do you have belly bulge, cellulite, or post-birth sag? These are the common problems that keep women away from certain swimsuit designs. You may feel that you do not have a good enough body to wear a bikini. However, you can wear a tankini with a high-rise bottom design that will keep your belly concealed.

If you want slimmer silhouettes, go for swimwear that has tummy control fabric. It will keep your belly firm, while some would even give a lift and smoothen out the bum area as well. Choose one-piece styles within design and colour panels that are laid out in such a way that they can downplay your tummy area. It may be a challenge to find this style, but if you manage to find one, it is recommended to buy two, so you can have a spare piece.


If you think you don’t have the ideal deal body type for the beach, no worries. Don’t feel limited since there are tons of swimwear options out there that can flatter your body type. Applying different designs and styles and current fabric technology has created swimsuits that can give you the ultimate beach look.

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