How to pick the perfect wedding present

How to pick the perfect wedding present

It’s a common dilemma for any wedding attendees. How much should you spend on your gift? Do you stick to the couple’s list, or gamble on something flashier that might live longer in the memory? Or do you play it safest of all and just hand over some cash?

A recent survey found that we Brits spend an average of £44 on the happy couple, and that can soon add up if you’re attending multiple nuptials across wedding season.

If you want to stand out, or simply survive, here are our top tips for spoiling the newly-weds on their big day.

Stick to your budget

There might be an expensive kitchen appliance on the gift list that you know they’ll love, but can you afford it?

It can cost almost £400 to attend the average wedding once everything is taken into account, putting that £44 gift spend into some context.

If the bride or groom is someone particularly special to you, however, you may want to treat them to a short holiday or a red-letter experience they’ll never forget. Consider your options if paying off the gift over time would suit your budget.

Personalise it

We’re not necessarily talking about the classic his and hers bath robes or monogrammed suitcases here, but picking something with sentimental meaning to the couple – or even between all of you – could be a winner.

A print relating to the place you or the couple met, their wedding venue, or another location they hold dear is a lasting gift that will always remind them of their big day and your friendship, while also earning you some kudos for stepping away from the norm.

Coffee fanatics might appreciate matching mugs, or fiction fans could be entered into a book subscription together.

Know your audience

OK, so you’ve shunned the gift list and picked out something you think they’ll love – but wait.

You know the couple better than most, are they the kind of people that like surprises? Has organising the wedding been stressful enough without you popping up with an unexpected gift?

If they’re more laissez-faire then, yeah, go for the surprise. But if the couple are on tenterhooks, just hoping to get through the day with it all going to plan, then it might be kinder to stick with what their idea of a great present is.

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