How To Organize Your Home During Quarantine

How To Organize Your Home During Quarantine

If you’ve been spending the last few months at home, you’ve probably thought about working on some home projects and looking for office interior design Los Angeles ideas. Before starting any new remodeling or improvements in your house, consider organizing and decluttering your space to give you more options. Here are easy organization tips to follow to get your house in order during the quarantine.

Go On a Donation Run

The first place to begin with the organizing process is to purge your home of anything that’s simply taking up space. Go through each room of your house and clear out closets, cabinets, dressers and other areas packed with stuff. Remove anything that is old, collecting dust or not being used anymore. Most old clothes, toys and secondhand home items can be donated to charitable organizations.

Focus on Storage

Once you clear out all of the unused clutter from your space, the next step is to find a way to store all the things you’re keeping. Go with Santa Barbara interior designers suggestions and add storage areas to each room of the house. Storing things that aren’t necessarily used each day will give you much more free living space to use in your home. 

Use Labels and Systems

Your storage system won’t be very efficient if it doesn’t make sense. When putting everything back in place, design a storage system that allows you to easily find something when it’s needed. Get a label maker and label storage bins to keep track of everything.

Tackle Rooms One at a Time

Organizing an entire home can be overwhelming. To manage this monumental job into smaller, more accessible tasks, consider breaking up your project into individual room organizing quests. Focus on each room and track your progress as you go along. Start with rooms that are traditionally filled with the most clutter, like the basement or the garage.

Look for Creative Organization Ideas

If you have lots of items to organize and store, you’ll need to be a little more creative with your system. Think of different, innovative ways to creatively store your stuff. Use kitchen interior design principles from experts to give you more ideas to keep busy living spaces free of clutter. Use hidden spots for storage, like under beds and under the stairs, to keep your home’s living area more spacious.

Have All Household Members Help  

Organizing your entire home will take plenty of hours, so make sure you get others in the household to help. With everyone in the same situation on quarantine, this is a great time to give kids and other family members something to do during the lockdown period. Kids can help with organizing rooms like their bedrooms or the playroom and get involved with purging and choosing items to donate.

Take advantage of all the time you’re spending at home during the quarantine and do a complete organization overhaul in your home. Clear out all of the clutter and design a new way to store your items orderly and neatly so you can enjoy your space’s features and feel better about staying home.


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