How to create a healthy kitchen

How to create a healthy kitchen

Many of us are constantly striving to live a healthier life, whether it’s trying a new diet or ramping up an exercise regime.

Sticking to meal plans that cut out certain foods can be tough, and many people ending up falling into bad habits soon enough.

Could the secret lie in changing your whole environment? Here we’ll look at some ways in which you can redesign your kitchen in order to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Put ingredients on display

Whether it’s a fruit display or an ingenious tiered spice rack in a cupboard, making the kind of ingredients that will make healthier meals makes you more likely to reach for them.

There is no end to the modern space-saving designs that can be found in kitchens, whether as add-ons to your existing units or entirely new fixtures.

Stephen Lynskey, Head Designer at Hammonds Kitchens says: “Whether it’s having a secret condiment pull out, an extra deep cupboard or a storage unit from the ceiling to the floor, getting that perfect balance of space and storage is crucial.”

Stick to seasonal produce

Research which fruits and vegetables come into season here in the UK at different times of the year and then try to find recipes that incorporate them.

This won’t only help you cook healthier, but it can also have a positive impact on the planet as you will contribute to fewer food miles and associated greenhouse gas totals.

Swap out your larger crockery

Have you got massive plates and bowls that are just begging to be filled when it comes to portioning up your meals?

Swapping them out for smaller will limit your calorie intake – as long as you can resist coming back for seconds, thirds and more!

Add an entertainment factor

Whether it’s an iPad station so you can keep up with your favourite shows, or a smart speaker to listen to your favourite tunes, making cooking a fun activity makes you more likely to do it again and again.

It might also encourage some of the little-fingered ones in your house to get involved as well – promoting a healthier outlook for the whole family.

Make a menu and get everyone involved

Speaking of the little ones, why not get them to think about the meals that they enjoy making or eating best and committing it to a week-long menu that has pride of place on your kitchen wall?

Planning out your week of meals is a good way to delegate certain tasks in the kitchen, and may also help you bring your food shop costs down, as you will only purchase what is needed for the specific set of meals, rather than trying to cover several bases.

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