How to Celebrate National Dog Day with Your Pet

How to Celebrate National Dog Day with Your Pet

Some historical facts suggest that dogs were domesticated 30 thousand years ago. During this time, these animals became an integral part of human lives. Canines have adapted so well and love people so much – no wonder they are man’s best friends.

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In addition to being lovely pets, dogs are of great help to the blind, the disabled, people with mental health problems, etc. These animals are an integral part of military, police, and fire brigades – they serve and protect, too. Their value in society is immeasurable. Some unusual pup facts find on this source.

A day dedicated to man’s best friend should serve as an eternal reminder of that. August 26th is the official date marked as National Dog Day around the world. Your pet may not be aware of this, but it can be a wonderful occasion to spend this day with them and ‘celebrate’ in a special way.

Go to Some New Place

On the day when their existence and purpose are celebrated, every dog certainly deserved a walk. But make it different and take your pup to some new place. Surely you know that pups love to explore and sniff around. You will also enjoy going to a new place and changing your usual walking route.

Go to nature, to a wild beach, or explore a mountain trail nearby. If your pup is well-trained and accustomed to walking without a leash, let them roam freely. But always stay close. Keep the leash on if your furry buddy is not exactly friendly to strangers.

If your pooch is not used to walking alone, but you still want to ‘treat’ them with a leash-off day, the best solution is going to a dog park. But do not go to the one you go to all the time. Walk to the park you have not been to before (but make sure it’s fenced). Your pup will meet new friends and enjoy free play.

Treat Surprise


The love of dogs for treats is well known. And your pet certainly enjoys the occasional yummy bites after a well-done task or whenever they were a good boy or girl. They probably have their favorite pup snacks, but why not try something else?

If you have time, home-made yummy bites will brighten your dog’s day. Sure, store-bought snacks are delicious. But you, as a responsible owner, know for sure what is in industrial products and why your pup shouldn’t eat too much of them.

Mix a few foods that your four-legged friend likes (for example, yogurt, pumpkin, and berries), put them in a mold, and freeze. Frozen treats are a great thing when the heat is high. Or you can mash a few sweet potatoes with your pet’s favorite meat and make salty cookies.

If you want to do more good things for your pup, you can enrich DIY snacks with CBD oil. This supplement brings an extra dose of nutrients that can be excellent disease prevention. Also, CBD is useful and entirely safe for the treatment of many diseases in dogs.

Have a Pet Play Day

This is an excellent idea for pet owners who have a large yard. If your dog has furry playdates for playing in a park, you can host some of them. Of course, do this only if you are as familiar as possible with the owners and behavior of your pet’s furry friends.

Make sure that your pup guests know each other. Maybe you are hospitable, and your dog is sociable and friendly. But you can never be sure how other furry visitors will behave. So, let the maximum number of pups be 5 (plus owners).

Get lots of balls, squeaky toys, chews, and treats. If necessary, fence off a part of the yard where the pups will play. Leave them enough freedom to walk freely to the owners. A few pools of water and rubber toys in them are a great idea if the day is warm. Pooches enjoy chilling and playing with water.

Give Your Pet Something Unusual

When is the time for gifts, if not for the holidays? National Dog Day can be a real opportunity to give your dog something unique and unusual. For example, you can take them to a local pet salon for grooming, manicure, or massage. If you have a pooch with long hair, you can ask a groomer to make some unusual hairdo to your furry buddy (nothing too extravagant).

A dog bed with embroidery and some silly piece of clothing are also good ideas. You can buy a pup raincoat in cheerful colors, or a new ribbon if you have a girl. If you want to be practical, you can ‘treat’ your pet with a new leash, collar, or name tag.

You can never go wrong with pup toys but buy something your dog still does not have in the ‘collection.’ Another ball or tenth rubber bone can go unnoticed in a pile of toys. But if you buy them something new, as seen on, let it be something unusual. You can also be creative and use your DIY skills to make something new and unusual for your beloved pet.

Get Them Brother or Sister

If you have been thinking about adopting another pooch, you cannot choose a better day for it than National Dog Day. Of course, this should be considered if your pet is socialized and ready to accept a new brother or sister.

Contact organizations dedicated to a particular breed if you’re into them. If a breed is completely irrelevant, take time to visit a local shelter. Expanding your pet family is a great way to make happy an animal that (so far) did not have much luck. Bring some food to shelter dogs and make their day.

It is hard for people to stay immune to the pure, unreserved, and life-long love these animals give. National Dog Day and every other day of the year should remind everyone how much they should respect these fantastic creatures.


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